The Master of your journey is you!

 The particular day was declared an academic day. All the church graduates were all armed with their Degrees, Honours and Master’s. Young people were also asked to wear their school uniform. This part of exercise was performed to encourage young people to be spiritually and academically educated. This event has helped the congregation to stick to their dream and pursue what they all along wanted to be. Pastor Thulani Munerenyu, the guest speaker tells the congregation that everyone has a dream, no one will live your dream if you dont.  Munerenyu quoted the book of Habakuk 2:2 that speaks about vision and trusting in God to fulfill it.
Munerenyu further says to young people especially, that their background has nothing to do with what they want to be. “And again it is vital for us to understand ourselves, in order to have a clear picture of where we are and where we are going,” says Munerenyu. Munerenyu says there are no excuses for young people not to study or blame their history and background. He concludes his speech by saying, “You are the master of your journey”
Another uplifting speech was made by a Psychology Honours Degree holder Saba Xaba who told young people to allow God to steer their lives. He says, “In life there is time for everything, you might be going through winter or autumn, but you should know that summer and spring is around the corner.” Xaba describes a dream as a goal without legs. He says in order to make your dream come alive, you need to have a purpose in life and pursue it no matter what.