Learning to give

SASOLBURG – As part of the┬ásubject “Life Skills”, Grade 10 pupils of the Vaalpark Articon High School must collect at least R100 each for the Winter Warm Project.

The Winter Warm Project is a Community Chest initiative, which has identified 1263 children in the Vaal Triangle who will receive a warm jacket or tracksuit. “We decided that for the pupils’ Social Development module – instead of them learning theory – we would get them physically involved [in a community project], says Mathilda Vermaak, the┬á Life Skills teacher at Articon.

According to  Vermaak, it will cost R100 for a jacket or tracksuit per child. The pupils were divided into groups, who then came up with ways in which they could collectively raise money for the project.

Despite this being a group project, each student was asked to raise a certain amount by May 12.

“We have challenged each child in the class to raise at least R100, but I know there are some pupils that have collected over R800,” said Vermaak. “They are doing different things to raise money, for example asking for money at robots or giving up their tuck-shop money for a week.”

News source: Mooivaal┬áMedia – Ster