VANDERBIJLPARK. – The Trolley Project is an incentive of Riverside Rotary Club and has been ongoing for the past eight years.

Johan van Pletzen, President of Riverside Rotary Club, said the aim of the project is to make use of registered collectors of recyclable waste materials to create an income and situation of self sustainability for these individuals – also to create an awareness in the Vaal Triangle that recycling waste materials is a community responsibility.

Van Pletzen urges people to separate dry and wet waste by using different-coloured refuse bags if possible, or at least separate in black bags. People must get involved in this project, either by sponsoring or simply supporting proper personal waste management.

The trolleys are numbered to enable the public to give feedback on the conduct of the individual operators. Van Pletzen said they appreciate that there is a large number of free lancing operators who will not have numbered identifiable yellow trolleys, but this does not make them illegal or less of a collector.

Riverside Rotary Club aims, with the help of the public, the business sector and other major role players in the community, to place proper trolleys and structures in place to create an organised system.

Van Pletzen said that they believe that this project will go from strength to strength with 90.6 FM and Mooivaal Media’s help and influence as their media partners.