Mooivaal Media has proudly launched its very own job portal aimed at job seekers in the Vaal triangle area and beyond. Mooivaal Media Jobs is the culmination of a partnership with Gauteng based company, Virtual Human Capital (VHC), the developers of a revolutionary employment portal and the VHC Partner Network, allowing job seekers and employers to interact.

Our portal allows job seekers to create an online CV profile, which uses structured information, making it possible for job seekers to be accurately matched to vacancies that are available. Advanced algorithms determine the extent to which a job seeker matches an opportunity, saving time for the job seeker, and making the tedious task of short listing more efficient and streamlined for employers. This means that job seekers will be more accurately considered for positions that suit them.

Mooivaal Media Jobs invites all job seekers to register on the portal, which can be found at Many employers will be looking for new recruits at this time of year in early 2012, so don’t delay, find your dream job today with Mooivaal Media Jobs.

Mooivaal Media Jobs is the first VHC partner to launch in the Vaal triangle area, and is a proud member of the VHC Partner Network, which in the near future will have a footprint spanning across South Africa. Furthermore, for employers, Mooivaal Media Jobs are offering an unbelievable pricing model that cannot be competed with.

What we are doing?

Mooivaal Media Jobs  has committed to help people in the Vaal triangle find more jobs and in so doing, enable employers and recruiters to find these job seekers in a cost effect manner. Mooivaal Media Jobs  is a member of the VHC Partner network, and we form part of a national footprint of partners that include print partners and commercial and community radio stations across the country. By harnessing the power of our collective reach, we are able to give job seekers better exposure to jobs around the country and to ensure that employers can find new people anywhere in South Africa at a fraction of the cost traditionally charged for access to online portals.

How does it work?

All you have to do is create your profile and CV on the Mooivaal Media Jobs  portal, and then the unique algorithm matches jobs to you. What this means is that the jobs actually come and find you, so each time you login, you will see a list of possible vacancies that you may be suitable for based on the information that you captured on your online CV.

Remember, that as long as the algorithm has information about you, it will be matching you to jobs all across the country, so that other partners who have job listings that match will also be displayed to you. This is where the power of a media partner network starts benefitting you as a job seeker.

For employers and recruiters, the collective network also ensures that they get in touch with the country’s top talent, regardless of where they are situated, expanding the pool of new recruits that can add value to the vacancy available. This becomes an extremely cost effective way to find new talent. We have a number of options, ranging from low cost monthly subscriptions (allowing unlimited access) to more customised solutions that allow the employer or recruiter to control their online recruitment cost.

Furthermore, for the nominal costs associated above, employers and recruiters have access to the entire national network of candidates and also, job postings are delivered to all matching candidates…Nationally!

Benefits for job seekers?

You can control your own privacy settings
You can ghost your CV when you are employed, so that you don’t have to deal with annoying calls once you are happy in a particular place of work. This simply means that you won’t be searchable by anyone, until you are ready to make your CV visible again.

When you are looking for a job again you don’t have to re-create your whole CV, you just have to update the relevant details and make it visible and searchable again.

You will have targeted exposure to job opportunities all over South Africa, and soon the rest of Africa.
The system does the matching for you, so you don’t even have to search. Just like Google seems to have that uncanny way of knowing what you want, so does Mooivaal Media Jobs!
Soon you will be able to choose whether you would like to receive email notifications if there are new jobs matching you.

Benefit for companies?

This is the most cost effective online recruitment solution that is currently available in South Africa. You have access and job advert exposure to job seekers all over SA, even in parts that previously had no knowledge of online job portals.

By using advanced technology akin to artificial intelligence, the system sorts and filters for you. Meaning that at the click of a button you can see which job seekers actually meet your requirements. Gone are the days of having to sift and screen through enormous amounts of CV’s, only to find that maybe 3% of them are worth interviewing.

Why Mooivaal Media Jobs?

We have a very unique connection with our community and we have become a trusted source of information that people actually want to see and read about. Now, we are extending that same service to help the Vaal triangle area and South Africa get more people employed. By partnering with VHC and consequently various other media partners in South Africa, we can now also engage with job seekers and employers far beyond the boundaries of our initial reach. We’ve always delivered value, and now we’re bringing you jobs and employees too!