Leading Ferrosilicon Supplier – DMS Powders

Leading Ferrosilicon Supplier – DMS Powders

DMS Powders is a leading producer of ferrosilicon, manufacturing Atomised and Milled ferrosilicon products, which is distributed to clients across the globe. Ferrosilicon is generally applied in the process of Dense Media Separation of diamonds, and DMS Powders is a market leader in the production and distribution of Ferrosilicon powders for this purpose.

If your company requires quality Ferrosilicon powders for Dense Media Separation processes, talk to a consultant at DMS Powders today. The professional team at DMS Powders will provide you with a cost-effective solution for your Dense Media Separation process needs. Contact DMS Powders today.

What is Dense Media Separation?

Dense Medium Separation is a process that requires a suspension of Ferrosilicon powder and water in order to form a type of heavy liquid. Diamond-bearing material is then submerged into the heavy medium, which will initiate a sink-float process. The sink-float method separates diamonds and minerals from diamond-bearing material. Many modern diamond and mineral plants use this method, because it is so effective and cost-efficient.

You can trust DMS Powders as your Ferrosilicon supplier for the following reasons and benefits:

  • Ferrosilicon products: As a leading supplier of ferrosilicon, DMS Powders produces a range Milled Ferrosilicon  (65D, 100D, 150D, 270D, 270F) and Atomised Ferrosilicon (Coarse, Fine, Cyclone 60, Cyclone 40, DMS 70) products, available in different grades to suit different process needs. The team at DMS Powders will help you to select the best Ferrosilicon products required for your specific Diamond processing / Dense Media Separation plant.
  • Reputable supplier: DMS Powders has been in the Ferrosilicon supply and manufacturing business for many years, and has built a strong reputation amongst clients in the Dense Media Separation industry locally and internationally.
  • Professional service: The team at DMS Powders will supply you with all the information and technical support you require, ensuring clients are satisfied with their products and service received . Talk to a consultant at DMS Powders today for all the information you require about Ferrosilicon powders.
  • Packaging and handling: Our packaging material and methods ensure that your Ferrosilicon products are easy to transport and manage, with safety and durability in mind. Choose from different sized packaging and sizes to meet your process needs.

Contact DMS Powders today – global leaders in ferrosilicon products

DMS Powders produces a wide range of Ferrosilicon grades to suit any application or requirement for Dense Media Separation. DMS Powders will assist you with the selection of the medium grade, according to the operating density for your specific separation process. Contact DMS Powders today to order your Ferrosilicon products. Read more about Ferrosilicon:

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