When in need of spiritual upliftment

The backbone of Ordinary People is Angus Buchan at the 2009 Mighty Men Conference – sharing his simple but rock solid faith with a few hundred thousand men. We experience his on-stage heart attack and the resulting personal insight he received from God regarding his own ministry.

The film tells the dramatic story of the three men’s journeys and experiences leading up to the 2010 MMC.

Their respective stories are cleverly interwoven with the anointed message and ministry of Angus Buchan. We meet André Cloete – a twenty something man who became ensnared in alcohol abuse and a wasted life.

Then there is John Peters – a middle aged panel beater from Bethlehem who’s business, family relationships and health have been spiralling down to the brink of collapse.

Lastly we meet Lucky Nzimande – a young, black criminal who naively attempts to hi-jack the vehicle of two ex special-forces policemen en route to the Mighty Men Conference.

Ordinary People will be showing daily at at Ster Kinekor in the River Square shopping centre.
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Source: vaalweekblad.com