Well done little champions!

These little champions were given the crown of victory and they were also given certificates to celebrate their excellence and hard work.
“The success of this day would not have been possible without the parents’ support,” says the school headmaster Khulu Mntambo.
Even the school educators supported these children by wearing their graduation attire to motivate them.  Starting from lower grades (R to 3,) the school gave all the top learners certificates.
 The top learner of each class was given a trophy and for the learner to keep it, he or she has to win it three times.
Parents were very impressed by the event and some of the children were happy to be named the best learner in their grades.
The senior learners in the school also received certificates and trophies for their hard work.
Some learners received certificates for participation in sports and culture to encourage them.
Source:  vaalweekly.com