We are glad to be appreciated

Major General Deliwe De Lange, Sebokeng Cluster Commander writes:
It was with great appreciation and an applaud to read a letter from a reader, Lefa Monyane from Steelpark ( Vaal Weekly 6-12 July 2011), as police we appreciate and applaud such comments which we believe serves as information sharing to our communities as we serve them.

Readers such as Lefa are assisting other readers to at least realise the importance of police in our communities. We consider LefaΓÇÖs letter as inspiring and motivating to us as police in order to realise that our communities do indeed appreciate our endeavors in safe keeping them and creating a safe environment for all.

Yes, we do make mistakes here and there but we appreciate that some of our community members realise positive efforts that are done by us in carrying the police mandate. We hope that more of the members of the community can develop the same appreciation of police and their work and dedicate themselves to work together with the police in rooting out the causes of crime and correct criminals and their criminal behaviour and intentions.

We salute you Lefa Monyane.

Source: vaalweekly.com