VEREENIGING. – Throughout the last 20 years of business, U&S Radio Alarms has grown to become a strong competitor in the Vaal Triangle and one of the foremost professional companies of its kind.

In October 1992, U&S Radio Alarms was established as a sub-division of U&S Power Electronics that was founded 28 years ago. In February 1993, the need for an in-house control room developed to facilitate sufficient control and monitoring of their own installations. Due to the increasing demand for efficient crime and industrial control, the further addition of a 24-hour Armed Response Unit was necessitated. U&S Radio Alarms now also do monitoring for domestic, industrial and commercial industries.
In 2011 it was decided to take more proactive means of monitoring and security to go hand in hand with the current reaction unit. Live video streaming of CCTV cameras enable us to verify alarm conditions and detects intruders prior to any criminal activities 24-hours a day.
“Our reaction and technical units are at the core of our service delivery to our clients, therefore we have six armed reaction and five technical units for any given panic and technical situations to be solved,” says Johan Steenkamp, one of the company’s two directors.
“With all the years of experience and advancement of technology and a staff membership of 81 people in total, we believe we are able to make a difference in the safety of the local community,” says Corrie Underhay, the other director.
On June 1 this year Alarms Specialist, previously Alarms International, was consolidated by U&S Radio Alarms.
U&S Radio Alarms would also like to show its appreciation to Mrs Carol Pereira with assisting the smooth transition of Alarms Specialist customers to U&S Radio Alarms.
“We would like to welcome all Alarm Specialist clients and assure you off great service and peace of mind for your safety and security”.
U&S Radio Alarms is a SAIDSA approved service provider; therefore all insurance companies accept the installations and services. They also comply with all the ICASA Regulations.
U&S Radio Alarms would like to thank all their loyal clients for the years of support and invite everybody to visit them at 36 Telford Street, Duncanville (Tel:  016 422 0760).

Source: vaalweekblad.com