Things to do in the Vaal Triangle

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Things to do in the Vaal Triangle: Vanderbijlpark, Vereeniging and Sasolburg

Sitting at home? Bored? Why?! The Vaal Triangle is filled with a huge variety of things to do! There truly is no reason why you have to spend one minute wondering what to do with your free time. As we are hard at work during the larger part of the day, our spare time is simply too precious to waste. If you are looking for things to do in the Vaal, you are at the right place.

With entertainment in every possible form, from restaurants cocktail bars to relaxing on a cruise down the Vaal River, there is something to do for everyone, young and old! The Vaal Triangle is growing at an exceptional speed, with many people flocking here from all over Gauteng and its surroundings. If a night out on the town is your pleasure, you can visits a selection of entertainment centers, casino’s and clubs. If you are looking for a relaxing retreat, take a trip to the spa or book a cruise on the Vaal River, to renew and rejuvenate your senses.

  1. Visit Emerald Casino Resort
  2. Play golf at Maccauvlei
  3. Visit Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve
  4. Visit Emerald Casino Animal World
  5. Visit Emerald Casino Aquadome
  6. Cruise the Vaal River on the Liquid Lounge
  7. Visit the Barnyard Theater in Vereeniging
  8. Wine and dine at Riviera on Vaal
  9. Shop at the Vaal Mall
  10. Rent a houseboat on the Vaal River

One of the greatest things of the Vaal Triangle is that it doesn’t matter whether you live in Vanderbijlpark, Vereeniging or Sasolburg you are still a stone throw away from every you could possibly need. With large shopping centers where you can shop to your hearts content, catch the latest movie and have a chat over a cup of coffee you need not be anywhere else! Another benefit of the things to do in the Vaal Triangle is that everything is not ridiculously over priced as the Vaal Triangle is a large exciting place, but yet it is not in the city. Thanks to the Vaal’s ideal location it is also possible to drive to one of the smaller old towns like Parys or Frankfort for a rustic experience in all the antique shops and corner cafe’s.

All over the Vaal Triangle you will discover things to do, as long you are not set in the way of thinking that the Vaal Triangle is a dull place, as it is certainly not! The last few years has seen Vanderbijlpark, Vareeniging and Sasolburg burst out of its seams with new residents, services and things to do. Even a visit to town will make you realize how much has changed; if you carefully look at your surroundings and think back to the way it used to be. All these changes are good things of course, and contributes to the growth of the Vaal Triangle, providing a better future for generations to come.