Spotted Appaloosa is truly touches Africa's soul

VANDERBIJLPARK. – Kondos Arhondas is a spectacular three-year-old Appaloosa colt. When speaking to breeder George Contos, owner of the locally-based Vanderbijlpark Kondos Appaloosa Stud, we found out exactly what it means to breed a horse of this calibre.

George describes how, when Arhondas was born, he knew he was something special. George should know, after all, his stud has dominated the Appaloosa horse world for the last decade, winning most of South Africa’s National Championships and scores of other accolades along the way.
It is undeniably the most successful Appaloosa showing stud in the whole of Africa and his horses have been exported and can be found in many countries. It is no surprise he holds the title: “Top Breeder at SA Appaloosa Nationals”.
The name “Arhondas” originates from the Greek “Arhontas” and translates as lord, chief or someone who is a leader and stands above other men. Little did George know then what destiny awaited this new arrival.
President Zuma was due for an official state visit to the kingdom of Lesotho. The government wanted to present him with a gift, but it had to be something exceptional. Having heard of the Kondos horses, they arrived in force at the stud and immediately found what they were looking for. Amid much excitement Kondos Arhondas was purchased on the spot and immediately shipped to Lesotho.
In a traditional ceremony on August 12 President Zuma was presented with this beautifully spotted animal. He was so enamoured with Arhondas that he vowed that from now on this will be his official riding horse. When purchasing Arhondas, Prime Minister Mosisili of Lesotho also secured another Appaloosa from George, the yearling colt Kondos Americanos, which, when it comes of age, will be his official riding horse.
George is especially pleased with this turn of events, since he believes that with people as high-profile as the President and the Prime Minister involving themselves, their engagement with Appaloosas will help pave the way in ensuring the future of these horses in Southern Africa.
George also believes that in the local “tradition” of the native spotted Nguni cow and the spotted Damara sheep, the spotted Appaloosa is truly the horse that touches Africa’s soul and is unconditionally accepted as one of its own.
* For more information on Appaloosas you can contact George, who also serves on the Appaloosa Horse Breeders’ Society of South Africa (AHBSSA) Council as its Public Relations Officer. For more information on the Kondos Stud one can visit its George Contos can also be contacted via email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or on 082 772 6434.

News source: Mooivaal Media – Vaalweekblad