Skills development and BBEE

As a business owner, consultant and Training Provider, Hester Davis, CEO. Qualitas Career Academy understands the uncertainties of businesses with regards to B-BBEE. “I understand that some business owners lack the knowledge of the B-BBEE strategy, and do not know where to start to become compliant, and on top of it all, the compilation of documentation is a nightmare for the company to compile.

“Stop delaying the issue, Qualitas Career Academy will assist you in getting your B-BBEE done optimally and effectively with regards to the following elements, Skills Development, Socio Economic Development, and Enterprise Development,” says Ms Davus.

“We assist in the compilation of your documentation for these three elements, and lessen the administration headache for you and your staff. We advise in the effective management of these three categories.

“Well, gone are the days that we can ignore B-BBEE, as B-BBEE is fast becoming something that everyone is going to have to incorporate into their businesses, sooner rather than later. It is fast becoming very difficult for companies that are non-compliant to be able to tender, or even serve as a vendor on larger companies’ procurement list. “B-BBEE is a circle of compliancy; Companies only buy from clients/suppliers that are compliant, because their own score card depends on your compliancy status.

The higher your B-BBEE score, the bigger your likelihood to be awarded a tender, or alternatively the client will source another supplier that is compliant,” says Ms Davis. Where do you start with this process, and how do you go about optimising your B-BBEE rating effectively, and how do you gain maximum points on the different B-BBEE levels?

Having your business correctly verified in terms of the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice is vital to the long term sustainability of your business, and essential for the future of your company in South Africa.

Skills Development Academy
“With more than 15 years experience we offer Certificates, Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, Short Programmes, Skills Programmes, Short Programmes and Professional Workshops. Qualitas Career Academy optimises and assists in the co-ordination of your Training and Development of your company through accredited NQF-aligned programmes, which is credit bearing and can be claimed back from your SETA.

“Qualitas Career Academy currently is one of the few legally compliant Training Providers who offer companies vouchers from selected SETA’s, and effectively there is no cost involved for companies who train with us on the voucher projects we currently are running.”

* Contact Marentia Carruthers or Hester Davis at 016 932 4499/ 083 457 8929  for assistance.