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Secretarial Services in the Vaal Triangle – Vanderbijpark, Vereeniging, Sasolburg and Meyerton

Any business relies on many different aspects from within to be able to run at a smooth pace and therefore successfully and that is accomplished by the employment of competently trained staff. There are many areas within one company, whether it is very small or as big as an international corporation.  Different aspects like marketing, administration, financial aspects and of course secretarial services all work in union to get the company’s brand exposed to as many possible clients. As you might think, the role of a marketing manager will be put much higher on your scale of importance when compared to that of the role of all secretarial services.  But on the contrary, it is just as an important area within the company as any other position.  Below we will discuss secretarial services in more detail:

Generally, secretarial services are about the general administration, filing, client liaison and basic tasks around the office.  But like any other profession, there are indeed levels of secretarial services with the post of statutory secretary being only second in importance to the CEO.

This is due to certain duties that a statutory secretary should perform.  Some of the duties are as follows:

  • Most companies prefer the statutory secretarial services of a person within the company on a higher level, as with a director.  This is due to the fact that this secretary will have full knowledge of the inner workings of the company and can therefore perform her/his duties at a better level.
  • The secretarial services of such a qualified person will include important tasks that will give them the order of an official officer of the company and include tasks like the day to day running of the company, keeping a register of all the directors and lower ranking employees of the company that will include all the necessary details on the person’s rank and work performance.
  • The duties regarding secretarial services also include informing all management of changes within the company for example when he/she is permitted to subscribe for shares within the company and also has the right to subscribe for shares within the same company.
  • There are other functions that secretarial services should perform that consists of providing all legal as well as administrative functions exclusively for the board of directors.
  • Statutory secretarial services further includes making sure that the board’s final decisions are explained to all subordinates and therewith properly carried out.

General duties within secretarial services are also expected with staff liaison, customer liaison, supplier liaison as well as the media an all other outside parties being some examples.