ROSHNEE. – The South African national flag is well respected by the learners and the educators of the Roshnee Islamic School, says Abdullah Sujee, the principal.

When two learners designed the school flag in green, gold and black colours with a crescent representing the competence of faith in 2004, we decided that it should be hoisted together with that of the country.
The national flag is always on the left with the school flag on the right.

Sujee says the school flag is designed to illustrate how Africa gave refuge to Islam in its most early years and it reflects the school’s motto: Ignorance is darkness, knowledge is light and Religion is advice.

Addressing the classes of the 2012 academic year during the inauguration of the Representative of the Council of Learners (RCL) on February 8, Sujee says the national flag is hoisted in the school to show loyalty to our country in light of the fact that the government has given minority groups freedom of religion, amongst other things.
As with all schools pupils are encouraged to hoist the flag and learn the national anthem.

“We appreciate the special liberty the government has given to the Muslim community at large to establish its schools and to make education its responsibility as well.
“This in turn lends support to the government’s ideal of making education a societal priority,” adds Sujee.
Some learners received certificates of acknowledgment for their contributions during the school activities including sports.

The chairperson of school governance, A Nana, was the keynote and motivational speaker.