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Currently, several areas in South Africa require some type of air Quality Management. More specifically, the Vaal Triangle and other surrounding areas presently are in some kind of need in regards to their air quality. As of now, it is identified as one of the national air pollution hot spots according to the National Environment Management Air Quality Act 2004 (Act No. 39 of 2004) (AQA). In effect, the area’s called the “Vaal Triangle Airshed Priority Area”.

At this point, these areas are among the first identified with this type of need in South Africa. In response, the National Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEAT) are now implementing a variety of different interventions for the improvement of the air quality within the area of Vaal Triangle. Some of the interventions involve the creation of a Priority Area Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP). The plans development relates to the provisions as specified by the AQA.

A priority area refers to an area believed as having poor air quality or a situation believed as potentially causing problems in the future. In addition, it may relate to something that exists within the area, either currently found causing or could cause a negative impact to occur on the air quality within the area.

Additionally, its believed that the area needs some kind of specific action in order to ameliorate the problem.

One of the major reasons regarding the Vaal Triangle selection as an area of priority has to do with air quality considered extremely poor. In essence, people living within the area cannot breathe air that does not have harmful effects on the well-being and health. Additionally, people suffer from a high amount of respiratory problems. Some of the problems consist of wheezing, asthma, as well as early morning coughing.

Further studies have established the need for Quality Management Vaal Triangle regarding the air by demonstrating the extremely poor quality. Moreover, an established correlations found directly with the air quality in relation to the health of the individuals who live within the area.

Ultimately, the Vaal Triangle Airshed Priority Area Air Quality Management Plan aims to fix the issues found with the air quality in an effective and efficient manner. In order to achieve this, they aim to make a quality management Vaal Triangle plan. In addition, they aim to make sure that the air quality in the Vaal Triangle Airshed Area improves.

Additionally, according to Quality Management efforts, it is important to reduce the number of human and environmental health risks, while reducing the amount of emissions in a cost effective manner. In addition, they aim to empower the local municipalities, along with other national and government agencies to help them with meeting the outlined materials within the Air Quality Act.

Overall, for the Quality Management of the air within the Vaal Triangle to be effective, there needs to be open communication among those participating. In addition, all areas need to have compliance with the specified objectives in order to have success.

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