Profiled as a growth point

VANDERBIJLPARK. – Companies, institutions, government entities and businessess in the Sedibeng District were thanked for their contribution towards the area during the PMR Awards which was recently held. The survey is done by PMR Africa and the purpose is to profile the area as a growth point and potential investment area for foreign and local developers and investors.

Interviews were conducted during August, September and October last year according to the following criteria:
* Companies/institutions that have done most to enhance the economic growth and development of the district over the past 12 months and who have demonstrated exceptional managerial and corporate governance qualities during the same period.
The most impressive new property developments (built within the past two years), were also appointed as well as the most exciting/interesting heritage sites or historical buildings. The most effective South African Police Service stations in the district were also awarded.
Institutions, casinos and entertainment centres, radio stations and newspapers, municipalities and educational institutions, executive guest houses, executive hotels (4 and 5 stars), executive restaurants and golf courses were also thanked for the role they played in improving the district.