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Polygraph Tests in the Vaal Triangle (Vanderbijpark, Vereeniging, Sasolburg and Meyerton).

Also called a lie detector, a polygraph test has been designed to evaluate and verify various bodily reactions such as blood pressure, pulse, nervous sweating and the skin’s transmission of heat in order to test truth of replies when asked various questions. As it has been proven that a human portrays certain characteristics when lying, a polygraph test is the proper way to detect any proof of that.

The history of the polygraph test machine

The polygraph machine was designed by John August Larson in 1921 and had therewith been viewed as both a truth and a fallacy.  It had been found though that similar forms of lie detector tests were available as early as 1895 and being used during the interrogation of war prisoners.  All these different lie detecting tools had one thing in common which was to measure blood pressure.  Blood pressure is the surest sign of an untruth told as the person’s heart beats faster uncontrollably.  The second sign is the dilation of the pupils which the person cannot manage or control either.

The basic design sprouted from the inventor’s wife mentioning that when she became enraged, her blood pressure seemed to increase along with her heart rate.  As the breathing, blood pressure and heart rate works together in union, a breathing monitor was attached to the first polygraph tests.

A similar device was designed in 1945 which included a muscular activity measuring device as it was found that, when a person tells a lie, the blood pressure, sweat, heart rate, pupils and twitching of muscles were visible.  From there on the device was further improved to become a polygraph test with a very high accuracy rate.

Although there are still certain people that consider the polygraph machine an invalid tool for conviction, this item is still being used today by various institutions including the LAPD, FBI and CIA for interrogation purposes.

Different uses for the polygraph machine.

As mentioned, the polygraph machine has not been seen as a fool-proof way of guilt, it has been used on various orders of criminals and has led to a large amount of guilty verdicts and therefore justice being served.  Here are a few examples:

  • Government Intelligence and Espionage.
  • Military.
  • Police departments.
  • Sex offenders.
  • New employees.
  • Security clearances at various establishments including airport customs.

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