Old age, cancer, may be delivered by canned phosperus

A liking for fizzy drinks could make you old before your time, scientists warn.
Research shows that phosphate, which gives many soft drinks their tangy taste, can accelerate ageing, reports Health24 reporter Fiona Macrae.

The mineral, also added to processed meats, cakes and breads, is found to make the skin and muscles wither and could also damage the heart and kidneys.
Although the experiments were carried out on mice, Harvard University researchers believe results show the potential consequences of high doses.
Gerald Weissmann of the research journal FASEB, where the results were published, said: ΓÇÿSoda is the caffeine-delivery vehicle of choice for millions of people worldwide, but comes with phosphorous as a passenger.
ΓÇÿThis research suggests that our phosphorous balance influences the ageing process, so donΓÇÖt tip it.ΓÇÖ
The study is not the first to raise concerns about the safety of the carbonated colas and juices enjoyed by billions every day.
Brittle bones, pancreatic cancer, muscle weakness and paralysis have been linked to soft drinks, with just two cans a week thought to be enough to raise the risk.
Earlier this year, a US study found that two or more soft drinks a week could almost double the chances of pancreatic cancer.
Scientists, however, agree that humans need a healthy diet, and keeping the balance of phosphate in the diet may be important for a healthy life and longevity. Just take care to avoid phosphate toxicity and enjoy a healthy life.

News source: Mooivaal Media – Vaalweekblad