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SEBOKENG. – When schools are closed parents have one concern and one concern only: ΓÇ£What are my children doing when I am not at home?ΓÇ¥ Every parent worries about this and brothers Themba and Mandla Dlamini came up with a brilliant idea for such parents and their children.

The Celta Vigo Football Club uses soccer as the tool to keep children under full supervision.The Weekly Sport caught up with the two on Thursday at Zone 3 stadium where they used the sport facility as their base, for training and home games.

Themba the head coach of the team says that school holidays are very important to the team as they get more time to train their teams and talk to them about education based issues. ΓÇ£We use training as the basic subject of team talks and education is a crucial pressure point.

The players know very well that their educational part of life has to be in accordance with their performance on the field,ΓÇ¥ says Themba. Mandla, the team manager also added that they cannot have a team that is good on the field, but going nowhere in life. EducationistΓÇÖs a vital part of their lives.

They need to consider it and use their talent in soccer to open doors for them.Mandla further says that they are heading a team of a 150 players and they want these players to make it big, but that wonΓÇÖt be possible if they do not equip themselves with knowledge.

Themba concludes that during these school holidays the team trains in the morning and after training they take a break. Then they escort all the players to study at the local school Emazini Primary School were parents will fetch them in the afternoon.