Mothering Women for a change

It is that time of the year when the country comes to a standstill in admiration of all the women for their bravery and contribution to our society. Vaal Weekly joins the millions to pay homage to all those women who took initiative to say ΓÇ£Enough is EnoughΓÇ¥ when we were submitted to the cruel Pass Laws. If it were not for women ΓÇô this country would still be ruled by iron fists. Thanks to those brave women who took to the streets of Pretoria and marched to the Union Buildings to protest against the Pass Laws we are a liberated country today. For the whole month of August ΓÇô our attention will be focused on those extra- and ordinary women who made a difference in the lives of countless individuals. We need to celebrate women throughout the year and not only when it is August. We must continue to admire all the women for the key role they played in the enhancement of our country. We need to see more women taking front seats. Today we have slogans such as ΓÇ£WathintΓÇÖ Abafazi WathintΓÇÖ ImbokodoΓÇ¥, ΓÇ£Mme otshwara thipa ka bohalengΓÇ¥ and many other idioms that praise women. We refer to our planet and our natural surroundings as Mother Nature because it is indeed only the heart of a woman that understands creation, creativity and creating. That is why we were chosen by God to assist in the procreation and sustenance of mankind: Female ΓÇô a male (human) who can carry a fetus or a Woman ΓÇô a man with a womb! The fact of the matter is that, where there are no women, there is no progress. For example, when men get together they talk about cars, sports and they compare their riches, but when women get together, they listen before they speak, they lend a shoulder to cry on, they fix brokenness and best of all, they discuss how they can use the money they have to help others instead of trying add zeros to the amount. We cry when we are happy, we put up a smile when we are sad, we give when we have nothing, and our tenderness is our greatest power. It is our responsibility to join the millions in celebration, remembering and appreciating the sacrifices that were made by women through past generations.