The increasing risk of power outages means that home owners must take extra provisions nation-wide.

ADT’s Managing Director for Central Region, Clive Humphrey, advises home and business owners to test their back-up battery packs to ensure that they are not caught out in the event of a power outage. “Power cuts can wreak havoc with alarm systems and the signals sent to your security company’s control room.

A faulty system can result in false activations which places strain on a security provider’s emergency resources.”

“All modern alarms should come with a back-up battery pack that self-activates when power is lost.

However, the duration of battery-life will depend on how many accessories you are running off the system, as well as the age of the battery,” says Humphrey. “If you are unsure whether your system has a back-up battery pack, please contact your security company to find out. It is important to know the life of your battery and what you should do in the event of a power failure.”

As winter is here, this is also a good opportunity to get your alarm systems tested even if your system includes a back-up battery pack. “Testing your alarm is a simple procedure that can take less than five minutes. Ideally it should be done as early as possible so that technicians can address any problems which may be found to pre-empt any load-shedding that lies ahead,” says Humphrey.

Source: Vaalweekblad.com