Lifeline Courses

Two Personal Growth Courses, presented by LifeLine will commence on January 23 for a period of 10 weeks – three hours once a week.

On a Monday, one will be presented in the morning from 09:00 (am) to 12:00 noon, and another in the evening from 19:00 to 22:00.

You cannot interchange – that is, if you start the morning course you have to stay in the morning course.
The counselling skills course will be presented over 6/7 weeks – three hours once a week at the same times as the Personal Growth Course and following immediately after the Personal Growth Course.
These courses are highly recommended for anyone who interacts with other people and for enhancing self-esteem. These courses are well known, highly recommended and form the backbone of all LifeLine counsellors. Social Work and Psychology Students from NWU and UNISA are advised to attend.

* Personal growth and counselling skills

– Course Content:

Personal Growth: Relationships, communication, confidentiality, thoughts/feelings, conflict resolution, stress management, change, goal setting and much more!
Counselling Skills: All aspects of listening skills, various aspects of the counselling process, body language, role plays. The courses cost R450.00 per person for Personal Growth, R350.00 per person for Counselling Skills
Once you have been accepted as a probationer LifeLine counsellor, you will be given another series of contextual training on subjects such as HIV/AIDS, relationships, depression and suicide, sexuality and sexual orientation, abuse – sexual, physical, child and workplace harassment; addictions like alcoholism, gambling, trauma debriefing, etc
This contextual course will be given at no charge for LifeLine probationers.

* Phone Colleen or George on (016) 428 1740 for further information and to confirm attendance.