Let Children help children in need

The Rotary club in Vanderbiljpark decided to host an art competition which was to be judged by independent university lecturers as well as local artists and prizes that were made available ranged from trophies, cash prizes and also shopping vouchers from various local businesses such as Kenosis Art School, Rotary’s Usborne illustrated dictionaries, books from the Rotary Humanitarian Centre, toys, stationery, party packs, glo-sticks and many more prizes.

There were a surprising number of attendees amounting to 400 which was wonderful as the aim of the day was to support all persons in need.  It was also aimed at promoting art and creating awareness of how many children in need there is in this country.

As it is found that art is very important for proper mental as well as physical expression and stability and has a large influence on how the child will develop further in life regarding brain development and creativity.  The competition was posted and made available on Facebook which allowed voters to choose their favourite art work and vote for it online.

Source: Vaalfindit.com