Laser Hair removal in Vanderbijlpark, Vaal Triangle

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Laser Hair Removal in Vanderbijpark, Vaal Triangle.

If you stay in the Vaal Triangle, you can visit the Fabulous Lane Wellness Centre for professional laser hair removal services. Get spoiled by professional beauty therapists while you enjoy our luxurious environment – we are open from 9am until 6pm on weekdays and from 8am until 3pm on Saturdays and public holidays.

In addition to this you can also enjoy other luxurious services like a complete spa treatment, laser hair removal, spray tanning, permanent make-up and manicures. This makes us the perfect location to treat yourself in the Vaal Triangle. We also provide you with a hair studio, spa and the ability to set up a gift registry.

Pampering yourself is easy at Fabulous Lane. For more information on our laser hair removal services or other facilities, please don’t hesitate to visit us.