Lake Deneysville Island Race

Die Lake Deneysville-seiljagklub het goedkeuring van Guinness Wêreld-rekords gekry om hul eie rekord van “die meeste seiljagte om ‘n om-die-eiland-seiljagvaart te voltooi”, weer aan te durf en te probeer verbeter. Wees deel van dié rekordpoging op 4 Februarie tydens die jaarlikse “Om die Eiland-seiljagkompetisie” wat in Deneysville aangebied word.

DENEYSVILLE. – Host of the annual Round the Island Race, Lake Deneys Yacht Club (LDYC), is delighted to announce that Guinness World Records has approved the club’s application to officially challenge its record.

It previously recognised ‘The most yachts to finish an inland yacht race at 389. This was at the Sanlam Round the Island Race at Lake Deneys Yacht Club, Deneysville, Free State, South Africa on February 4 of 2007.’

SAMSA has announced its sponsorship of this year’s biggest South African sailing event. The claim is made according to sheer numbers. The ‘SAMSA Round the Island Race 2012’ will be the 54th anniversary of the regatta.

Tebogo Modibo, SAMSA’s Head of Marketing and Communications, explained, “SAMSA’s responsibility is ensuring safety on all of the country’s waters, both inland and offshore. Our active participation in this event offers us a great interaction-opportunity to educate sailors and visitors alike on aspects of water safety and encourage compliance around proper usage.

“We also hope to encourage water sports as a healthy lifestyle activity and tourism to these areas in those pursuits.”

LDYC has also taken a long, hard look at the profile of regular participants. They have identified that although keelboats and multihull participation quotas have been fairly steady, the number of dinghies and cats has been steadily diminishing over the years.

LDYC’s Commodore Tielman Burger elaborated, “To encourage them to come along, the race has been restructured into 3 starts instead of 5. The first will be the Ultra Class, a maximum of 50 boats with a handicap of 1.00 and above, racing the faster boats of other classes, followed by keelers and micro-multihulls in the second start.

“The third start will be for all cats and dinghies. All these boats will sail in very similar conditions as they will be within 20 minutes instead of 40 minutes apart. This will smooth the waters, so to speak, and make it easier for these competitors to go up against each other.”

Another change is the addition of four more trophies for which the entire fleet will be split into four new handicap categories in which boats of the same or similar speeds compete. This adds another enticing facet to the competition.

The weekend will again feature a big screen on which live footage of the start and finish will be watched by the onshore crowd. The usual bar, catering and top-notch entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights and great prizes in a draw at a price of R50 a head over 16 years of age for the entire weekend is unbeatable value for money.

Prize-giving has also been moved a week later than usual to Friday 17th, and promises to roll out in a refreshingly entertaining new format designed to speed up the proceedings and make the evening thoroughly enjoyable.

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Contact LDYC on (016) 371-1393.