Kopono Pre School receives help

VEREENIGING. – When Bill and Gloria Nobile and Alan Pittendrigh, as representatives of the South African Confederation of Seniors Organisations (SACSO), in partnership with Vaalweekblad and Ster newspapers, embarked on a project to organise the Heritage Day Oktoberfest in September 2011, the main objective was in some small measure to assist in the plight of underprivileged and abused children.

In the run-up to the festival the support of Rotary clubs in Sedibeng was also obtained. Having wound up the Oktoberfest it was possible to make a donation to both the Sedibeng Childrens’ Haven and the Vereeniging Alliance for Street Children.

As an extension of these activities and with the help of social worker Nana Maja, for the Vaal Elderly Forum, the Kopano Pre-School in Evaton was identified as an organisation worthy of assistance and in need of help and facilities.

Kopano Pre-School is an excellent example of a community doing its best to help itself with very limited resources. What strikes one on visiting the school is the cleanliness of the grounds and the classrooms. It consists of two large classrooms, a free-standing small sick-bay, an even smaller kitchen and primitive toilet facilities, yet it caters for 58 little ones who are neat, obviously well looked after and attentive.

The structures are absolutely basic, constructed totally from corrugated iron. They must be freezing cold in winter and unbearably hot in the summer months.
Arrangements were made to present the centre with a number of toys, which were donated by Richard and Annie Coetzer, owners of Hobbies and Toys. They are a public-spirited couple, members of the Community Chest, and have participated in the Reach for a Dream action.

While finalising arrangements to donate the toys the organisers were fortunate to be contacted by the Mothwas of the MOTHS‘s Jannie Smuts Shellhole.

The Mothwas are a charitable organisation affiliated to the MOTHS, whose main focus is maintaining old age homes for sub-economic pensioners.

The Mothwas in the Vaal Triangle decided to make sleeping mats to help some needy cause and donated 18 sleeping mats to the school. These colourful and attractive mats are made of polarfleece off-cuts padded with batting.

Our thanks go to Faith Arnold, Caroline Eyberg and Veronica Ludick, who made the mats and also to Gwen de Klerk, Ron and Lyn David, and Bobby and Rhoda Heyns, who donated the materials.

The Kopano School Project has the support of Child Welfare workers from Evaton. Mokgadi Popela, social worker, Buyi Masebuko and Meriam Makgotlane, social auxiliary workers, and Nana Maja, social worker from the Vaal Elderly Forum, were present at the presentation. The project is really deserving of help and a strong appeal is made to other organisations to help this group who are doing their best to serve their community with the very limited means at their disposal.

Source: vaalweekblad.com