SASOLBURG. – A contractor building Community Residential Units (CRU), which will accommodate about 392 families, is hard at work to make sure they finish on time.

After completion, the government will have spent R116 million, says Gino Alberts, Metsimaholo Municipal spokesperson.

The project started in June last year in the hope of finishing it in 18 months.

Executive Mayor, Councillor Brutus Mahlaku said the state-of-the-art flats, ranging from bachelor rooms to three bedrooms, would be used by ordinary members of the community with certain incomes. Cllr Mahlaku said, “The numerous projects undertaken is designed to enhance the quality of life of the residents.

“All this is done through hard work and working together with the government of the people to achieve more.” The CRU is situated right at the entrance of the location, closer to the industrial firms. Most people living here will have easy access to these firms. When the mayor was asked about rental he made it clear that every tenant would have to pay.

Those who cannot afford the rent at CRU, will be accommodated at the new RDP houses to be build in the Mooidraai section.

The municipality has made sure that Stefanuti Stocks Contractor employed most members of the community as part of reducing unemployment. Cllr Mahlaku said it is the duty of every contractor to make sure the local sub-contractors are given first preference.