God belongs in our curriculum


Sedibeng Development Centre, an Evaton community centre that consists of numerous youth empowerment activities, will be approaching education from a different perspective. The centre will soon launch the Roots International Ministry – a Spiritual School of Thought. RIM is a nursery school that will bring the good news to children from an early age. This idea was brought into action after the head, Peter Kekane, the SDC realized that children lose track of what is important in life, because they are not provided with spiritual food when they are still young. Kekane feels that the community has lost their moral compass.

We are a decomposing nation that cannot lead its youth with dignity and honour. We are a lost generation that has abandoned Christ and our spirituality. We are allowing our emotions and feelings to misguide us and our children, says Kekane. In the Bible (Matthew 19:14) Jesus said, Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of heaven belong to such as these. Kekane believes that if our children are taught at an early age about good and evil and to listen to their conscience, we can have a country that embraces God, a country that embarks on Gods principles and spiritual guidance.
Source: vaalweekly.com