Gauteng is ready for the nation

One would expect a learners’ oratory competition to be all about┬á speeches and nothing else.┬á However, the Anglo American Young Communications Awards (YCA) not only focuses on giving exposure to some of the best young communicators in the country but also nurtures leadership skills, English proficiency and a sense of self-confidence.

This exciting and far-reaching public speaking  competition is focused mainly on young second- and third-language English learners. Since its commencement, this event has become one of the most preferred public speaking competitions for many South African schools.

This year the judges made the decision to award Aisha Kholane (20)  of  Thuto-Lore High School in Sidibeng District the opportunity to represent Gauteng at the  national final of the 2010 Anglo American Young Communicator Awards on August 20.

Kholane displayed outstanding confidence and an┬á understanding of the topic “Ignorance attacked me” in front of the judges and managed to walk her way up to the national final.

The judges look for a contestant who possesses a sound general  knowledge, the ability to think clearly on his or her feet, and who is able to present an opinion or response in a well-articulated manner. The winner should show leadership skills and preferably an engaging personality.

News source: Mooivaal Media – Ster