Engineering, Pumping & Filtration Company – EPF Systems

Engineering, Pumping & Filtration Company – EPF Systems

EPF Systems is a multi-faceted service provider, providing clients in industrial environments with a range of professional products and services for their engineering, pumping and filtration needs. As a well-rounded company for these services, you can expect professional service, suitable solutions and all the technical support you require.

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EPF Systems – Products and Services

  • Air compressors: EPF Systems supplies a range of top quality air compressors to meet various applications and needs. Air compressors from EPF Systems are manufactured by the leading international company, KAESER COMPRESSOREN, providing customers with durable products with robust exteriors and excellent levels of performance. Brows through the range of air compressor supplied by EPF Systems.
  • Filtration: EPF systems is a leading filtration company, supplying a wide range of quality filtration systems from leading manufacturers, to meet the different needs of clients. The range of filtration products include water filtration systems (residential and industrial), dry air filtration systems, coalescing filters, pneumatic waste handling systems and desalination systems. Talk to a consultant today about your filtration system needs.
  • Pumping: EPF Systems is a leading supplier of quality pumping systems from reputable pump manufacturers (Delta-Zero®) in South Africa. The team from EPF Systems will advise you on a suitable pumping system, complete the installation process and provide you with the necessary technical support. Industrial pumping systems from EPF Systems are suitable for a number of different applications, and are able to process mediums from water to particulate media and paste. Talk to a consultant at EPF Systems today for more information about our Delta-Zero® pumping systems.
  • Engineering and fabrication: The team of engineers at EPF Systems offer a professional engineering and fabrication service to clients in the industrial environment. EPF Systems’ qualified engineers are experienced in designs work, analysis and project management, and will assist to ensure smooth and efficient project execution. When it comes to fabrication of products, the team are able to work with stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, galvanized sheet and electro galvanized sheet. EPF Systems works in close collaboration with their partners in the construction and steel fabrication industries, and are able to produce a number of projects of different sizes. Talk to a consultant at EPF Systems today for more information about engineering and fabrication for your industrial needs.

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EPF Systems is a well-rounded company that specialises in a number of industrial products and services as indicated above. Get the best quality products and professional service when it comes to air compressor systems, filtration systems, pumps, engineering and fabrication services. EPF Systems will customise your system to meet your specific application needs. Contact EPF Systems today for more information.