Electrical hazard pends

VANDERBIJLPARK. – Electrical cables running across the surface of the ground are sowing panic among residents of the Vaal Triangle. The panic came to light when a local politician was approached by a Homer resident to help with a week-long power outage.

Democratic Alliance (DA) member Solly Nkhi of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature says his input revealed the hazard posed by live electric wires on the ground in Jockoorstelaak Straat, where children play at a nearby crèche. Nkhi hereby requests that the local council rectify this dangerous situation immediately.
His concern is echoed by a separate report from two Rietspruit dads.
Benjamin Kotze and Hannes Botha report that some of the cables amid unchecked grass are so overloaded that one is melting.
Both fear the accidental electrocution of a child or a lethal incident when a lawnmower runs over the cables.
(This letter was emailed to the local council for comment but now reply has been received – ED).

News source: Mooivaal Media – Vaalweekblad