MEYERTON. – With being “green” on the tips of everyone’s tongues these days, Jabulani Eco Projects is a company that is taking the drive for protecting the environment to the next level with their innovative modular housing concept.

The idea began in 1999 when the company realised that traditional brick-and-mortar houses were becoming too expensive for the man on the street to afford.

A new method for building fast, quality, affordable homes with great aesthetics was required.

So began a process of research and development, which led to the approval of the concept, and Jabulani Eco Projects has since been working on bringing this idea to life.

Seven houses have been built in the Midvaal area so far, and a house was recently on display in Meyerton for Council members and outside developers to inspect.

The company plans to build a retirement village in Henley-on-Klip, where all the homes are Jabulani Eco homes.

The plans show 144 houses to be built in circles of eight, allowing for easy traffic flow and access for elderly residents.

There will also be a frail care facility, shopping centre, and nature reserve, amongst other facilities.

“We want to give people from all walks of life the option to live in a quality, aesthetically pleasing house, which is also healthier, more energy-efficient, and better for the environment,” said Mr Nico Venter, owner of the company.

Each house is built with Structural Insulated Panels, which allows for good insulation and acoustics, as well as being fire-proof.

The windows are all made from recyclable glass, and solar panels provide all lighting for the house.

The majority of materials used to construct the houses are sourced locally, and the carbon footprint of the structure is extremely low.

Midvaal MMC for Engineering Councillor Malcolm Hack acknowledged the importance of eco-friendly projects such as this:

“Green is where everything is headed, so it is vital that people start finding ways to incorporate that into everyday life, such as the way we build and live.”