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Digital Voice Stress Analysis in the Vaal Triangle (Vanderbijpark, Vereeniging, Sasolburg and Meyerton).

Digital voice stress analysis or VSA is technology used to record stress levels in the voice of a person that cannot be controlled by the person and is on a subliminal level.  When a question is asked, this person will reply what is thought to be the truth but any lie will show up in the forms of an elevated/stressed voice level. The test itself is called the Detection of Deception and has proven that, by asking a simple question such as “did you do it” resulted in psychological stress within the accused.

Digital voice stress analysis was compared to Layered voice analysis and found to be very different from one another.  Digital voice stress analysis makes use of micro-tremors that show stress in the accused’s voice and are not possible to hear with the ear, thus picked up by special instrumentation where LVA was an alternative form of equipment that was used to pick up changes in the levels of the voice of the accused.

The digital voice stress analysis apparatus was designed in 2001 by three former members of the United States Army. As their primary focus was placed on detection of deception, their innovation had no computerised components that could make its own sounds or provide false results and all results came from the physical voice of the accused.

How the digital voice stress analysis apparatus is used

The function of the digital voice stress analysis apparatus is to figure out how much of what the accused is saying is actually true.  This is done by checking the degree of stress in the voice on a voice-gram.  High stress level within the voice will be seen as deception and squared voice grams will be seen as a low frequency in the accused’s spoken words. “Yes” or “No” answers are mostly used but it is found that an extended answer is able to produce more distinctive changes in the voice stress level.