Child Friendly rooms at court

VANDERBIJLPARK. – Two rooms at the Vanderbijlpark MagistrateΓÇÖs court were recently transformed into child friendly waiting rooms by Tjokkerland Schools. Responding to the lack of waiting rooms for child witnesses, Mrs Mariaan Schutte, the CEO of Tjokkerland Schools, and her helpers created these rooms for children who have to testify in court.

The rooms were painted in cheerful colours and decorated with friendly cartoon characters. The rooms also have a TV, furniture, carpets and educational toys.
Children are now able to wait and play in a child friendly and relaxed atmosphere in a secure place, until they are needed to testify in court. The gardens were also cleaned and the security doors fixed by Vesco Community Enterprises (VCE).
During the opening of the new facility, Mrs Schutte stressed that children should always be protected against crime as far as possible. She also said that the community should all stand together to assist our region’s children as far as possible.
Chief VaalRand Prosecutor Johan Venter thanked Tjokkerland for the goods that they have loaned to the court on a long-term basis.
He also thanked the CEO of VCE, Phillip Nothnagel, who is always willing to assist the community and for the important role played by the company in the fight against crime. Venter also thanked Rita Beneke from the local Spur who kindly sponsored a tasty meal for all the people who attended the handover.

News source: Mooivaal Media – Vaalweekblad