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Professional Bookkeeping, Accounting & Tax Consulting Company

Do you require the services of a professional bookkeeping, accounting or tax consulting company in the Vaal Triangle / Johannesburg? Shamu Bookkeeping can assist. Shamu Bookkeeping is a registered accounting company with vast experience in tax consulting. Whether you need an accounting company to assist with your personal income tax or your business’ accounting / tax responsibilities, Shamu Bookkeeping has the team for the job.

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Tax, accounting and bookkeeping services

The team of accountants, bookkeepers and tax consultants at Shamu Bookkeeping provide a well-rounded tax and accounting service to clients:

  • General bookkeeping and accounting services: The team of bookkeepers and accountants at Shamu Bookkeeping will provide you with all the monthly bookkeeping services you require. This includes general accounting tasks such as capturing financial documentation on Sage Pastel Partner, preparing Annual Financial Statements, managing Payroll and more. Enquire today about the accounting and bookkeeping services you need.
  • Personal income tax returns: Personal income tax returns can cause quite a headache, especially if you are not familiar with the procedure or if you have a complicated tax situation. Let the team of tax consultants at Shamu Bookkeeping assist with your personal income tax returns.
  • Business income tax returns: Business income tax may be a little more intricate and time consuming, and if you don’t have an accountant to handle the task, it is a great idea to outsource your tax responsibilities to a registered tax consulting company, like Shamu Bookkeeping. Shamu Bookkeeping will offer a professional and efficient service to get your business income tax returns submitted.
  • Tax dispute resolution: In some situations, a taxpayer might not agree with the outcome of the tax return. SARS provides the opportunity to submit an appeal, and Shamu Bookkeeping can assist in this regard.
  • New company registrations: Let Shamu Bookkeeping handle your new company registrations efficiently and hassle free. The team can also assist to register your new company with SARS, so that your tax responsibilities can be taken care of.

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Shamu Bookkeeping is a registered and reliable accounting company, assisting many individuals and businesses in the Vaal Triangle and Johannesburg with their monthly and annual accounting and tax services. You can expect cost-effective prices and a professional service when relying on the team of experienced accountants and tax consultants for the services you require.

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