This Boeing 737 is a landmark in Midvaal and can be seen when travelling on the R59.

It’s a marketing strategy to attract clients by using the remains of an old Boeing 737 – complete with cockpit.

Motorists travelling on the R59 at night say they cannot miss the lights inside the cockpit and on the side of the plane – giving them the impression that a plane has just landed there.

Sheldon Mandy, director of the company, said this is just the beginning of great things to come. “We want to make the area look like a first class, five-star business,” he says.

Motorists will have to wait to see the beauty of the buildings once they are finished with the construction in December. Sheldon said he got the idea from his father, Neville Mandy founder of ‘Natures’s Choice’ that started in Heidelberg in 1987.

For a long term project, said Mandy, they want to invite learners from local schools to enjoy lunch in the plane.

“When you sit inside the plane, you can feel the vibration of the engines mounted on the wings.

“The seats inside the plane were changed and a table brought in to make it look like a boardroom.

“We bought the complete Boieng 737 from the airport. It took hours transporting the Boeing to our facility. The green and red lights have been donated by a local electric company,” concludes Mandy.

Nature’s Choice is presently Africa’s largest and South Africa’s leading health food distributor, with over 500 outlets and stockists throughout the country, Africa, and a growing number of trading partners overseas.