Around Emfuleni in 100 days

VANDERBIJLPARK.-The Emfuleni Local MunicipalityΓÇÖs recent Executive Mayor, Greta Hlongwane will host a media briefing on Wednesday for the 100-day-plan to embark on service delivery and other issues affecting the community. This plan follows just after Hlongwane has been inaugurated and authorised as the ELM Executive Mayor. ΓÇ£She established the working plan and the team that will embrace her vision says,ΓÇ¥ Klaass Mofomme the ELM spokesperson. Mofomme says that the plan by the Executive Mayor was brought into action to help the municipality improve its performance by giving themselves a time frame to complete certain tasks. Mofomme says that Hlongwane acknowledged all the previous mayors before her, but that she still identified one of the ELMΓÇÖs greatest issues to be that of service delivery. ΓÇ£This is the one main issue the community complains about and the Executive Mayor is working out a plan to reduce the complications due to service delivery in order to have a municipality that cares for the community,ΓÇ¥ says Mofomme. He further says, ΓÇ£As part of our commitment to keep in touch with the community and also ensuring that issues affecting communities are addressed, the Emfuleni Local Municipality will launch its 100-day-plan of action. The Plan is also aimed at ensuring that the political leadership is measuring the performance of the Municipality on a quarterly basis.
Source:  Vaal Weekly