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Armed Response companies in the Vaal Triangle areas of Vanderbijlpark, Vereeniging, Meyerton and Sasolburg

One of the most important things is the safety of you and your family. When something happens and you need protection an armed response officer put you at ease. No matter if you are home or not, you can have the peace of mind knowing that if your alarm goes off the armed response team will come to your home immediately in response.
 In the Vaal Triangle that consists of Sasolburg, Vanderbijlpark, and Vereeniging just south of Johannesburg having a company you can trust is essential. This is your first line in defending your home, and protecting all your valued possessions. But there is a decision that should be made between hiring an armed response company or a security company.

It is important to understand what both of these terms mean. An armed response is a team of individuals that responds to a burglar alarm when it goes off. Often these are retired police officers or civilians that have been trained to handle these situations. They will carry guns with them and help to protect your home and valuables in the event of a robbery. Unlike a standard alarm company, these individuals handle the calls for you day and night. There are no phone calls to you causing unnecessary stress for a false alarm. Instead, you will receive a follow up only if there is something you need to be aware of.

 A security company tends to take a different approach to situations. When you use their services, they often place guards in an area during the times that you request. If you are only looking to have them on staff during the nighttime hours that would be the only time they are present. If you choose to have 24-hour service, these companies will have someone there protecting your home or office at all times, even holidays.
 Deciding which is best for you can be a difficult task as both have different costs associated with them. Typically, an armed response team will charge you a minimal amount to monitor your home, and charge actual fees only when they respond to a situation. If nothing ever arises, you only have to pay your monthly dues. This can be an inexpensive way of handling your security.

 On the other hand, if you prefer 24-hour protection with someone always there a security company is a better option. This way nothing has the chance of potentially happening while someone is guarding your property. If something does arise there is almost no wait time for help to arrive. With this service, you have a higher payout to cover the wages of the security staff.

 The decision should be done on a practical and financial basis. If you live in a relatively good neighborhood and have proper alarms in your home, an armed response team would be more than sufficient. The same can be said for a business in an area heavily patrolled by the police. However, if crime is of a concern or if there have been threats on your safety a security company would be the better choice. Just be certain you can afford the protection choice you make.

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