A decade of Watershed's best

The internationally acclaimed band Watershed has always had an enviable relationship with their extensive and devoted fanbase ΓÇô and 2010 sees the band celebrate its 10-year-anniversary with a hit-packed compilation that also features two brand new tracks.

Titled ΓÇÿA Million Faces: 20 Hits, 10 YearsΓÇÖ, the album is an astonishing record of WatershedΓÇÖs decade-long hit-making spree that has turned the band into one of South AfricaΓÇÖs most beloved, with a solid international career also in the mix.
ΓÇ£We really wanted to use the compilation to mark the end of a decade and, most importantly, say thank you to the fans whoΓÇÖve enabled us to have a real music career that has allowed us to creatively flourish,ΓÇ¥ says Watershed founder, songwriter and frontman, Craig Hinds.
In homage to WatershedΓÇÖs fans, the band is including an upbeat and celebratory remixed version of ΓÇÿThank YouΓÇÖ off its fourth studio album, ΓÇÿStaring At The CeilingΓÇÖ in ΓÇÿA Million FacesΓÇÖ.
The 20-track release also features two brand new Watershed songs that point to the musical direction the band is headed in as it enters its second decade.
ΓÇÿA Million FacesΓÇÖ and ΓÇÿThe World Needs YouΓÇÖ are the titles of the two new songs and both reflect the more pared down, less produced route Hinds and the band are headed into. While ΓÇÿThe World Needs YouΓÇÖ is more rock-orientated, ΓÇÿA Million FacesΓÇÖ is an astrologically-themed ballad (ΓÇ£about the faces of a million stars looking down on us,ΓÇ¥ Hinds says).
The double album ΓÇÿA Million Faces: 20 Hits, 10 YearsΓÇÖ includes Watersheds greatest hits such as Indigo Girl, The Meantime, Lovely Day, Shine on me, Close my eyes, Train Ride, Angel and many more.
WatershedΓÇÖs 2010 plans include touring internationally ΓÇô including 16 German shows and appearances at two of North AmericaΓÇÖs key music platforms: South By Southwest and Canadian Music Week.
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News source: Mooivaal Media – Vaalweekblad