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VANDERBIJLPARK.- On behalf of the 1 000 children from 25 children’s organisations, who received a winter parcel to ward off the winter cold, Lusa Community Chest would like to extend its heartfelt thanks for the many generous sponsors who participated in the Winter Warm 2013 Campaign.

The Emerald Casino Resort hosted the handover function on May 24. Following a cheerful introduction by Dave Hammond, owner and well-known local DJ, the 100 guests consisting of donors and beneficiaries. were treated to a stirring audiovisual presentation featuring each of the children’s organisations as well as the major donors.

LUSA Community Chest would like to thank the following companies who shared in this campaign with donations and support. Firstly to ArcellorMittal, from where the project originated. ArcelorMittal is still one of the most loyal supporters of this annual project, Tongaat Hulett Starch, Emerald Resort and Casino, P.J. Construction; Indgro Outsourcing, IFM 102.2, Slater Group, Safripol, Kentz, Mooivaal Media, Mardo’s Photo’s, Vaal Mall, Sasol, Boots and Hats, Esme Young, Transvalia Hoerskool, Sedgars, Ackermans and Huizemark, were once more thanked for their loyal and sustained support.

It was a heart-warming experience to see this collective gesture from the companies and individuals making a difference in the quality of life of these children.


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WALKERVILLE.- Victor Ndlovu and his colleagues from the Michael Rua School recently opened their hearts for families after they lost all their belongings in a fire. A resident was also tragically killed.

The incident took place when two shacks caught fire, destroying everything they had. The school and some of the learners contributed towards helping the families, as schoolmates were clearly in need. Ndlovu and his entourage managed to raise funds to assist the families.

“An amount of R1 488 was raised and was divided between the two families. The sum came in the form of assistance from the school and learners and was handed to both families,” says Ndlovu.

The school and teachers also managed to give away groceries to the families to help them through the desperate situation they were experiencing.


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MEYERTON. – Situated on the edge of Daleside, alongside the Afrimat Glen Douglas Mine, sits Skansdam School – a primary school which reopened after amalgamating Daleside Primary and the former Skansdam School.

The school site was originally built by the mine to cater for their workers’ children, but was subsequently closed and then reopened by the Gauteng Department of Education.

With its 360 learners, the Midvaal Local Municipality has identified the need to upgrade the school’s inadequate facilities. To assist with the project, Midvaal Local Municipality approached the management of the Afrimat mine, to request that they adopt the school and assist with renovations.

The mine has already risen to the challenge and, as children went on holiday from June 24, will begin work to build a soccer and netball field.

Midvaal Mayor, Councillor Timothy Nast visited the school on June 19 to share the news with the children. He also presented them with soccer kits for the school team to enjoy, once the field is ready.

Midvaal made a further donation to the school to assist them with renovations to the administration block.

There was much enthusiasm and gratitude from the children and staff as they began planning sports tournaments for the future, and even challenged the mayor to a match against their team.


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VEREENIGING. – The Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Association says it has come to its attention that illegally filled, commercially branded LP Gas cylinders are being traded by certain retailers.

These cylinders are identified by clear/unbranded seals or no seals at all on the valves and are being supplied like that by unauthorised dealers, who do not have permission to do so from the cylinder-owner.

These cylinders are often underfilled and violate the Trade Metrology Act. Alternatively, the cylinders are overfilled and pose a threat to the public and workers in terms of Occupational Health and Safety. All commercial exchange cylinders are marked “never sold” and are provided on a deposit/exchange basis. For safety reasons these cylinders can only be filled with permission from the commercial brand owners. Legally filled LP Gas Cylinders are identified by a branded seal on the valve which matches the brand of the cylinder. In addition to this, we request that your supplier provides you with written confirmation that they are authorised by the brand owner to supply you with the LP Gas cylinders.

Should you be in possession of or sell an illegally filled LP Gas cylinder, you will be breaking the law and also participating in the proceeds of unlawful activities.

Section 6 of The Prevention of Organised Crime Act, 1998, states the following:-

Acquisition, Possession or Use of Proceeds of Unlawful Activities:

Any person who – a) acquires; b) uses; or c) has possession of property and who knows, or ought reasonably to have known, that it is or forms part of the proceeds of unlawful activities of another person, shall be guilty of an offence.

LP Gas is an exceptional form of energy, but must be handled as safely as possible. Unlawful activities, such as the illegal filling and the sale of LP Gas cylinders, are detrimental to public safety and consumer rights. Ensure that your supplier is authorised and the LP Gas cylinders you sell have been legally filled in terms of the requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Act, Pressure Equipment Regulations. Should you require further clarification, contact the LPGas Safety Association of South Africa on; (011) 886 9702 or via e-mail at;


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MEYERTON. – With being “green” on the tips of everyone’s tongues these days, Jabulani Eco Projects is a company that is taking the drive for protecting the environment to the next level with their innovative modular housing concept.

The idea began in 1999 when the company realised that traditional brick-and-mortar houses were becoming too expensive for the man on the street to afford.

A new method for building fast, quality, affordable homes with great aesthetics was required.

So began a process of research and development, which led to the approval of the concept, and Jabulani Eco Projects has since been working on bringing this idea to life.

Seven houses have been built in the Midvaal area so far, and a house was recently on display in Meyerton for Council members and outside developers to inspect.

The company plans to build a retirement village in Henley-on-Klip, where all the homes are Jabulani Eco homes.

The plans show 144 houses to be built in circles of eight, allowing for easy traffic flow and access for elderly residents.

There will also be a frail care facility, shopping centre, and nature reserve, amongst other facilities.

“We want to give people from all walks of life the option to live in a quality, aesthetically pleasing house, which is also healthier, more energy-efficient, and better for the environment,” said Mr Nico Venter, owner of the company.

Each house is built with Structural Insulated Panels, which allows for good insulation and acoustics, as well as being fire-proof.

The windows are all made from recyclable glass, and solar panels provide all lighting for the house.

The majority of materials used to construct the houses are sourced locally, and the carbon footprint of the structure is extremely low.

Midvaal MMC for Engineering Councillor Malcolm Hack acknowledged the importance of eco-friendly projects such as this:

“Green is where everything is headed, so it is vital that people start finding ways to incorporate that into everyday life, such as the way we build and live.”


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Burgemeester Simon Mofokeng van Sedibeng-distriskmunisipaliteit het vir die tweede keer die jaar die munisipaliteit se naam met ‘n plank geslaan nadat hy bietjie te diep in die bottel gekyk het en vir dronkbestuur aangekla is. Foto: Internet

VANDERBIJLPARK. – Burgemeester Simon Mofokeng van die Sedibeng-distriksmunisipaliteit, het vir die tweede keer vanjaar die nuus gehaal nadat hy bietjie te diep in die bottel gekyk het.

Mofokeng het ‘n aandjie agter tralies deurgebring toe hy op 5 Junie in ‘n motorbotsing in Shakespearstraat betrokke was (en boonop onder die invloed van alkohol). Hy is aangekla vir dronkbestuur, bloedmonsters is geneem en hy is die volgende dag op borgtog van R1 000 vrygelaat. Die voorval volg skaars twee maande nadat hy glo so besope was by die Cat’s Action Bar in Vanderbijlpark, dat hy van sy stoel afgeval het en by die deur uitgedra moes word. Die nuutste skande is deur foto’s waar hy met ‘n wit emmertjie op die grond sit, bevestig.

Mnr. Dan Manoeli, Sedibeng se waarnemende direkteur van kommunikasie, het gesê Mofokeng vermoed sy drankie was gedokter en dat dit ‘n rasgemotiveerde aanval was. Die Demokratiese Alliansie (DA) is geensins beïndruk met die burgemeester se optrede nie en gaan ‘n mosie van wantroue indien ,omdat hy die munisipaliteit se goeie naam in gedrang bring.

“Ons as DA wil ‘n beroep doen op die burgemeester om te bedank.

“Hy het die wet oortree en so ook die munisipale gedragskode,” sê mnr. Simon Mollo, DA-woordvoerder vir die Sedibeng-distriksmunisipaliteit en streeks-ondervoorsitter van die DA. Mollo sê hulle het met die vorige voorval ook ‘n mosie van wantroue ingedien, maar die ANC wou nie die saak debatteer nie en die saak is uitgestem. Die DA was in die minderheid. “Dit is nie die eerste keer wat so iets gebeur nie. Hoekom het hy nie eerder Emfuleni Plaaslike Munisipaliteit met al die betogers die laaste tyd gaan ondersteun in plaas van om homself agter tralies te kry nie?” vra Mollo.

Vaalweekblad het mnr. Dan Manoeli om kommentaar genader en is na mnr. Andries Mapatla, direkteur in die burgemeester se kantoor verwys, wat gesê het dat hulle nie in dié stadium kommentaar oor die voorval kan lewer nie,omdat die burgemeester ten tye van die voorval op studieverlof was en hulle eers bymekaar moet kom. Hulle sal wel daarna ‘n verklaring uitreik.

Burgemeester Simon Mofokeng sal op 5 September op ‘n klag van dronkbestuur in die Vanderbijlparkse landdroshof verskyn.


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VEREENIGING. – Chris Johnson, bekende sakeman en entrepreneur van die Vaaldriehoek, is onlangs deur die Sedibeng-distriksmunisipaliteit met die gesogte Sedibeng-burgertoekenning vereer vir die uitstaande invloed wat sy opheffingswerk en werkskepping in die gemeenskap het.

Chris is reeds sedert 1974 betrokke by die Christelike boek-industrie toe hy die CH Johnson Boekwinkel in Marklaan oopgemaak het. In 1975 het hy Christian Art gestig en eienaarskap van Christelike Uitgewersmaatskappy in 1989 oorgeneem.

Christian Art en Christelike Uitgewersmaatskappy, wat ook internasionale bande het, het oor die jare verskeie werksgeleenthede vir mense van die Vaaldriehoek gebied. Daar is tans 220 werknemers by die hoofkantoor in Vereeniging en meer as 500 werknemers in die Cum-boekwinkels landwyd.

Die kantore in Hongkong, Brisbane, Australië en Chicago in die VSA het 50 werknemers in diens. Chris belê jaarliks in die gemeenskap deur middel van beurse ten bedrae van R500 000; 39 leerlinge, vier universiteitstudente en agt teologiestudente geniet Christian Art se finansiële ondersteuning. Three River Lodge en Villa Anna Sophia waarvan Chris die eienaar is, het tydens die Sedibeng-distriksmunisipaliteit se 2013 Toerisme-toekennings die silwer toekenning ontvang in die kategorie vir luukse akkommodasie en huisves gemiddeld 650 gaste per maand waarvan sowat 30 persent oorsese besoekers is.

Die Villa se restaurant, Anna’s Kitchen, het die goue toekenning gekry in die kategorie restaurante en meer as 5 000 gaste besoek die restaurant maandeliks.

Chris Johnson is verseker ‘n man wie se wortels diep in die Vaaldriehoek gegrawe is en wie se hart uitgaan na die mense van die gemeenskap.

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VANDERBIJLPARK. – Wat gebeur by ‘n misdaadtoneel waar bloed, liggaamsdele en ander bio-toksiese materiale ‘n hoë risiko skep vir siektes.

Baie mense is nie bewus van die gevare wat skuil agter menslike bloed en ander afval- materiale nie. Familie maak gewoonlik sulke tonele waar ‘n geliefde byvoorbeeld selfmoord gepleeg het self skoon, min wetend dat al lyk dit of dit skoon is, daar nog steeds kieme skuil.

Leonie van der Watt en haar seun, Ian, is die twee direkteure van Maximus Crime Scene Cleanup in die Vaaldriehoek. Hulle het die Crime Scene Cleanup konsessiesaak (franchise) gekoop van die twee “Bloed Susters” Eileen de Jager en Roelien Schutte van Pretoria wat die eienaars is. CSC Vaal bedien ‘n groot area en sluit in Redan, Meyerton, Drie Riviere, Henley on Klip, Vereeniging, Vanderbijlpark, Sasolburg, Deneysville en Parys. Daar is tans 21 van die konsessiesake landwyd in die Kaap, Natal en Gauteng. CSC Vaal lewer ‘n 24/7 diens en werk saam met die polisie en nooddienste.

Volgens Leonie is hulle intensief opgelei en gekwalifiseer as “Accredited Crime Scene Technicians”. Hulle het amptelik in Oktober 2012 begin. “Ons lewer hierdie diens om dit vir die naasbestaandes en mense wat betrokke was by ‘n traumatiese gebeurtenis makliker te maak,” vertel Leonie.

Hulle taak is om elke toneel met menslikheid, diskresie en privaatheid te hanteer. Volgens Leonie vra mense wat hoor wat hul werk behels, eerste die vraag – “Hoe kan julle dit doen, dit is aaklig, maar vir ons is dit maar net ‘n normale werk.” Leonie sê dat daar dae is wanneer die omstandighede van ‘n toneel hulle erg ontstel maar gelukkig is hulle goed opgelei om dit te verwerk.

Gereelde sielkundige evaluering en die nodige toetse word gedoen om hul welvaart te verseker. Leonie sê hulle werk behels die skoonmaak van enige toneel waar daar bloed en liggaamsvloeistof betrokke was byvoorbeeld moord, selfmoord of enige ander ongeluk.

CSC se ander dienste sluit in die dekontaminasie en skoonmaak van ambulanse, noodvoertuie en lykshuise.

“Ons maak ook voertuie skoon wat in ‘n ligte ongeluk was en waar die insittendes baie gebloei het asook voertuie waarin mense selfmoord gepleeg het.” Verder verwyder hulle ook bio-gevaarlike materiaal van apteke en klinieke in die Vaaldriehoek vir verbranding.

Leonie sê hulle is ook verantwoordelik vir die verwydering en verbranding van dierkarkasse en gronduitgrawing waar diere met “2-step” (aldi-carp) vergiftig is. Roet van huisbrande word met spesiale toerusting en chemikalieë verwyder. Na elke toneel word ‘n sertifikaat van veiligheid deur hulle hoofkantoor uitgereik. “Mense besef nie hoe gevaarlik dit is om bloed en liggaamsvloeistof self skoon te maak nie.” Bloed wat in ‘n mat ingetrek het, word droog en vorm uiteindelik ‘n poeier wat bekend staan as “black mould” wat as dit ingeasem word, lei tot erge long siektes. Ander siektes soos hepatitis, herpes, hanta-virus en e-coli kan ook opgedoen word. “Die veilige verwydering van skoonmaak- materiaal is van kardinale belang,” sê Leonie. Die dienste word deur die meeste versekeringsmaatskappye betaal onder hul gewone verbandversekering. CSC Vaal kan gekontak word by 073 2348 789 of 083 2657 841.

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