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Youth development is the new priority

The rate of unemployment in South Africa is 25% of the population, which is a big shock and the importance of contributing towards employment needs to be realized and dealt with as soon as possible.

That is why the Midvaal Municipality handed out more than 47 certificates at the first graduation ceremony of the Midvaal Youth Leadership Program in the Meyerton Town Hall.

This program was set up to challenge the ever growing unemployment rate in the country by creating job opportunities for the country’s future leaders as well as all other unemployed youth that would be able to make a difference to the future of the country in their own time.

Training that is done through this program includes life skills, how to start your own business, computer skills, leadership training, supporting  HIV communities through preventative maintenance and treatment as well as community leadership and how to be a good example in your community.  These 12 month programs will be running for the next three years and are conducted at the NWU Vaal Campus.


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Promoting greener businesses

Sasol ChemCity joined the mayor and other executives to launch phase one of the innovative Eco Industrial Park in Sasolburg recently.

Sasolburg, being in the middle of the Vaal Triangle posed for the perfect area and will give a constant supply of different utilities, support services as well as basic infrastructure to assist the environment as well as successfully producing goods.

This was done after thorough research into the vast amount of job opportunities and therefore sustainable living possibilities it could provide as well as being able to function at an extremely environmentally friendly pace.  With the aim of functioning without leaving a carbon footprint, certain vital components and mechanisms are used such as alternate building technologies, solar geysers, solar panels and many different environmentally friendly materials and tools.

Sasol ChemCity is further in the process of establishing a mixed use business incubator which will be designed to provide a vast range of business development support services, shared resources and infrastructure to be able to support all new businesses and the growth rate of existing small businesses as well with its main purpose to link existing large companies and different training and capacity building programs.


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Let Children help children in need

The Rotary club in Vanderbiljpark decided to host an art competition which was to be judged by independent university lecturers as well as local artists and prizes that were made available ranged from trophies, cash prizes and also shopping vouchers from various local businesses such as Kenosis Art School, Rotary’s Usborne illustrated dictionaries, books from the Rotary Humanitarian Centre, toys, stationery, party packs, glo-sticks and many more prizes.

There were a surprising number of attendees amounting to 400 which was wonderful as the aim of the day was to support all persons in need.  It was also aimed at promoting art and creating awareness of how many children in need there is in this country.

As it is found that art is very important for proper mental as well as physical expression and stability and has a large influence on how the child will develop further in life regarding brain development and creativity.  The competition was posted and made available on Facebook which allowed voters to choose their favourite art work and vote for it online.


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