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At vaar goed in Goliat van gat Pampoenfees

VANDERBIJLPARK. – Twee plaaslike pampoenkwekers, Jannie Cilliers en At le Roux, het onlangs uitstekend gevaar in die jaarlikse Goliat van Gat-pampoenfees wat in Silverton, Pretoria gehou is.

Die fees is vir “groot pampoenkwekers” en word deur mense van regoor die land bygewoon. Volgens At was daar selfs mense van sover as Pelgrimsrus wat vanjaar se fees bygewoon het. At van Vanderbijlpark en Jannie van Sonlandpark in Vereeniging was die enigste inwoners van die Vaaldriehoek wat aan die fees deelgeneem het.

At vertel dat die lekkerste uitdaging altyd is om te sien hoe groot en hoe swaar die pampoene kan word.

Jannie het met die 1ste prys weggestap en At spog met drie pryse in die Top 10 naamlik 2de prys, 3de prys en 9de prys. Hy het kontantpryse vir sy 2de en 3de plek gekry.

Die gewig van At se pampoene was 117kg (2de), 76 kg (3de) en 31kg (9de).
Op die vraag wat daarna met die pampoene gebeur het, vertel At: “Die Transvaalse Landbou-unie bied die kompetisie aan en by die inweging vra hulle of jy bereid is om dit te skenk vir liefdadigheid, wat hulle wel doen. Die unie verwerk die pampoene dan en skenk dit vir liefdadigheid aan verskeie organisasies.”

At loop oor van trots, nie net op sy pampoene nie, maar ook sy familie wat hom so ondersteun. Sy stiefseun, Jan Heystek, help met die vervoer-werk van die reuse-groente fees toe.

Op die vraag of hy enige spesiale “versterkmiddels” gebruik om die pampoene te pamperlang, sê hy net reënwater wat hy opvang in dromme, en kompos wat hy self meng. Hy hoef dit nie eens te spuit teen goggas nie.


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When in need of spiritual upliftment

The backbone of Ordinary People is Angus Buchan at the 2009 Mighty Men Conference – sharing his simple but rock solid faith with a few hundred thousand men. We experience his on-stage heart attack and the resulting personal insight he received from God regarding his own ministry.

The film tells the dramatic story of the three men’s journeys and experiences leading up to the 2010 MMC.

Their respective stories are cleverly interwoven with the anointed message and ministry of Angus Buchan. We meet André Cloete – a twenty something man who became ensnared in alcohol abuse and a wasted life.

Then there is John Peters – a middle aged panel beater from Bethlehem who’s business, family relationships and health have been spiralling down to the brink of collapse.

Lastly we meet Lucky Nzimande – a young, black criminal who naively attempts to hi-jack the vehicle of two ex special-forces policemen en route to the Mighty Men Conference.

Ordinary People will be showing daily at at Ster Kinekor in the River Square shopping centre.
For more information contact Ster Kinekor on 082 16789 or  (016) 423 4104
* See advert on page for showing times of all movies currently showing at River Square.


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Vods to stage Pied Piper

VEREENIGING. – Oscar Wilde once said: “I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be a human being.”

The Vereeniging Operatic and Dramatic Society (VODS) shares Wilde’s sentiments and surely does its best to grow this art form in the Vaal Triangle.

Among its many events and happenings this year is VODS’s Main Show: a production of the Pied Piper (as written by Moya Parsons with apologies to Robert Browning).

* This will be staged in the hall at HS Drie Riviere on Friday May 11 at 19:00, Saturday May 12 at 15:00 and again that evening at 19:00. Tickets cost R60 for adults and R40 for scholars, pensioners and members.

VODS is always looking for new members so if you would like to renew your membership or know of anybody who might be interested please do not hesitate to contact Dorothy (  083 284 5483 ) or Suzanne ( 082 780 6177 ).


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District Mayor hosts business breakfast

The Executive Mayor of the Sedibeng District Municipality, Councillor Mahole Simon Mofokeng hosted a Business Breakfast Meeting on the Municipal IDP/Budget for the year 2012/2013 and Growth & Development Strategy.

The event will take place at 07:00 on Wednesday April 25 in the Vereeniging City Hall.
The meeting will be followed by the 2012/2013 IDP/Budget and the Growth & Development Strategy Consultative Meeting.

Its purpose is to share ideas with the business community on what the Municipality can do to achieve a better life in the region. This is the commitment to ensure more active community participation in local government.

“Working together with the Business Community,” says District Mayor Mofokeng, “we must collectively approach the reinvention of the economy from old to new by consolidating existing sectors and exploring new sectors of growth, and in this way building local economies to create more employment and sustainable livelihoods.”

“Our planning and alignment must first and foremost be informed by the five priorities set by government to address the poverty, inequalities, education, unemployment, health and rural development”, added the Executive Mayor.

“Our collective approach on these matters must at all times work towards the vision of our government, which is the creation of a united, non-racial non-sexist, free, democratic and prosperous South Africa.”


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Skills development and BBEE

As a business owner, consultant and Training Provider, Hester Davis, CEO. Qualitas Career Academy understands the uncertainties of businesses with regards to B-BBEE. “I understand that some business owners lack the knowledge of the B-BBEE strategy, and do not know where to start to become compliant, and on top of it all, the compilation of documentation is a nightmare for the company to compile.

“Stop delaying the issue, Qualitas Career Academy will assist you in getting your B-BBEE done optimally and effectively with regards to the following elements, Skills Development, Socio Economic Development, and Enterprise Development,” says Ms Davus.

“We assist in the compilation of your documentation for these three elements, and lessen the administration headache for you and your staff. We advise in the effective management of these three categories.

“Well, gone are the days that we can ignore B-BBEE, as B-BBEE is fast becoming something that everyone is going to have to incorporate into their businesses, sooner rather than later. It is fast becoming very difficult for companies that are non-compliant to be able to tender, or even serve as a vendor on larger companies’ procurement list. “B-BBEE is a circle of compliancy; Companies only buy from clients/suppliers that are compliant, because their own score card depends on your compliancy status.

The higher your B-BBEE score, the bigger your likelihood to be awarded a tender, or alternatively the client will source another supplier that is compliant,” says Ms Davis. Where do you start with this process, and how do you go about optimising your B-BBEE rating effectively, and how do you gain maximum points on the different B-BBEE levels?

Having your business correctly verified in terms of the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice is vital to the long term sustainability of your business, and essential for the future of your company in South Africa.

Skills Development Academy
“With more than 15 years experience we offer Certificates, Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, Short Programmes, Skills Programmes, Short Programmes and Professional Workshops. Qualitas Career Academy optimises and assists in the co-ordination of your Training and Development of your company through accredited NQF-aligned programmes, which is credit bearing and can be claimed back from your SETA.

“Qualitas Career Academy currently is one of the few legally compliant Training Providers who offer companies vouchers from selected SETA’s, and effectively there is no cost involved for companies who train with us on the voucher projects we currently are running.”

* Contact Marentia Carruthers or Hester Davis at 016 932 4499/ 083 457 8929  for assistance.


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Take charge of your finances

We work hard throughout our adult lives to provide the best standard of living we can for our families, and it’s vital that we make sure that we protect our hard-earned money along the way.

Managing your finances can be a juggling act that is often confusing and overwhelming. Knowing you have life’s expenses under control is a great way to avoid future stress or unnecessary worry. With so much advice on how to increase or invest your income (and so many ways to spend it!), it’s normal to feel overwhelmed sometimes.
But don’t worry, we’re here to offer you tips on planning, saving, investing, and managing your finances and will put you on the path to financial success.

Step 1: Acknowledge the importance of your own goals

Ask yourself what do you dream of one day? A business of your own, perhaps, further education, a new car, perhaps a trip around the world. Write your top priorities down and stick them up inside your wardrobe door or on your fridge. A constant reminder will make the dream seem more real and keep you motivated.

Step 2: Manage household expenses so your ability to save is not compromised.
If money is tight in a specific month, look at ways to trim household expenses.
• Compare prices on websites before you buy.
• Buy according to plan – make a list and buy only what is on it.
• Take advantage of sales and special offers.
• Make the most of your petrol – keep your car serviced and your tyres correctly pumped.
• Go through your home and look for ways to save energy and costs.

Step 3: Pay yourself first.
It’s very important to establish the habit of saving by starting a monthly investment. Treat your savings like a bill, preferably paid by debit order. Put the money into an investment fund towards your big goal.

Step 4: Decide where to invest.
Investing in unit trusts is a popular choice. They give you access to a diversified portfolio (without the stress of managing it yourself) and, if you need to, you can access your funds within one day. Most importantly, they have the potential to offer excellent returns over the medium to long term. But there are literally thousands of local and international unit trusts available to South Africans, so how do you decide what’s right for you? The trick is to keep it simple! Old Mutual Unit Trusts’ Classic 5 Investment Collection makes unit trusts even more convenient with a range of five handpicked funds, chosen out of a range of 40 unit trusts, which we believe are the perfect investment vehicles for most types of investors.With the Classic 5 Investment Collection, you can choose a fund to meet your specific needs – depending on whether you want a lower risk fund or a higher risk fund, which looks for maximum growth.

Then you can use this fund (or funds if you choose more than one) as the basis of your portfolio.
You can switch between them as your needs change, or you can add other funds from our full fund offering. Bottom line, you call the shots. For more information about which investments to choose, call us on 0860 WEALTH (932584) or contact your Old Mutual Financial Adviser or Broker.

You can also use our “InvestRight Tool” online at to help establish how much you will need to save and invest to meet your financial goals, be they short-, medium- or long term.


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Industriele suier maak myn weer veilig

VEREENIGING. – ‘n Vereenigingse verskaffer van industriële suiers, Kemfied Homogenizing, het in opdrag van Vision Environmental Protection, ‘n mobiele suigeenheid gebou waarmee tonne vlermuismis vanuit die onaktiewe uraanmyn in Vanrhynsdorp in die Kaap verwyder moet word.

Volgens mnr. Ingo Kempkes, tegniese direkteur van die maatskappy, is die suigkrag van die toestel ter waarde van sowat R1,2 miljoen, 2 500 bar en 4 000 kubieke voet per minuut. Die vlermuismis sal in groot houers onder in die myn geberg word en met ‘n sementvloer bedek word.

“Die mis is ook radio-aktief en moet in die houers geseël word,” vertel hy.

Die skoonmaakproses sal na verwagting meer as drie maande duur waarna die myn weer vir produksie oopgestel sal word.

C&I Homogenizing is ‘n familiesaak wat reeds die afgelope 33 jaar in die land droog-suiers en toerusting voorsien.


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Red Carpet Auctions

VANDERBIJLPARK. – Red Carpet Auction Events, a world leader in elite, multi-site collectors auction shows, has arrived in the Vaal Triangle and officially opens on May 5!

Formed in 2005, Red Carpet Auction Events (USA) soon became the leader worldwide in networked auction events. Red Carpet demystifies the auction business via its strategically transparent business model.

The result is that they can outperform even elite retail markets through their unique, entertaining and partner-orientated platforms. With new offices in the premium Vaal Lifestyle Center in Rabie Street, Vanderbijlpark, boasting breathtaking, well-known showrooms amongst other premier luxury asset suppliers within SA, they supplement their global growth strategy from their Miami USA headquarters.

“RCA’s show and auction experience covers 200 cities globally and over 3 000 collectors auctions,” says SA CEO and director of auctioneering Carlo Harris.

According to Mr Harris Balito (KZN), Camps Bay (CPT) and Centurion (PTA) showrooms are also in progress, each with their own local elite asset-stock on show locally and subsequently linked via the web with the help of some big screens, local auction teams, finance, insurance, technical and value-added service providers to facilitate the online auction process at each site locally.

Catalogues with significant visuals, reminders and pre-bidding functionality are available before auctions and can remind you on your email, cell or any connected device anywhere, anytime, says an enthusiastic Mr Harris.

Standards of assets and transparency are controlled via 100-point AA/RMI tests on cars, bikes, 4×4s, boats or aircraft and, 30-point specification reports with insurance accredited evaluations included.

For their real estate, running-concern businesses, art, memorabilia and collectables-auctions you can expect ‘due diligence’ reports, provenance, condition-and-value reports, to name but a few actions taken to bring the SA auction standard up to global premier auction house standards.

“It will make the overall experience more enjoyable, trustworthy, transparent and lucrative for all involved with “Edu-Tainment” supplied at each event,” says Mr Harris.

Red Carpet Auction Events is located on the corner of 2 Rabie Street and Muir Street, Vanderbijlpark (next to Fouche Motors). The company is fully licensed and a member of most major associations in the Industry for auctions, appraising and marketing.

* For more information go to or view auctions live, or the catalogue at or find them on Facebook to win R10 000 in prizes. You can reach them on (016) 931 0720/1/2 for more info as reserves are realistic, assets diverse in nature and starting bids enticingly low!


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Vet pret by Hersa se vetvee veiling

VANDERBIJLPARK. – Vaal Afslaers se jaarlikse vetvee-veiling wat Saterdag 24 Maart gehou is, was groter en beter as vorige jare. Vele boere het van heinde en vêr gekom om met net die beste te spog.

Sommige het met ‘n lekker prys weggestap. Hansie Muller van Viljoenskroon het talle pryse ingepalm. Hy het veral aandag getrek met ‘n agtjarige Simbra-os, wat die skaal op 1.360kg laat kreun het. Die os is opgeveil teen R17 400. So ‘n os kan 10 tot 15kg voer en 100 liter water per dag verorber.

Verskeie beesrasse, skape en pluimvee het belangstellendes se aandag getrek en sommige hardkoppige bulle het vir baie pret gesorg. Heerlike tuisgebak was beskibaar en verskeie stalletjies met intressante items is dearsdeur die dag bedryf.

Die dag is afgesluit met lekker kuier om groot vure met Charles Rudd as gaskunstenaar.

Die pryswenners vir die dag was:

Swaarste skaap: Pieter Carraro; Beste groep van 10 lammers: Louise Claasen; beste groep van 5 skape: Jan-Paul Pretorius; swaarste bees: Hansie Muller; swaarste groep van 3c grade: Hansie Muller; grootste hoender: mev. T. Mocke; wenner van lootjietrekking: Johan Aarden.


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Are over ripe fruits better for you

It seems that older varieties of fruit and veg may be considerably healthier than their modern supermarket equivalents.

A pilot study found that an unfashionable dessert apple which dates back to Victorian times had ten times more of a disease-preventing chemical than its newer, shiny-skinned equivalents.
A team of scientists from Unilever in England will now undertake a three-year study, examining older varieties of apples, bananas, onions, mangos and teas.

They have already found that the Egremont Russet apple, which is often used to make cider, contains considerably more phloridzin than modern glossy fruits.

The chemical increases the absorption of sugar from the digestive system into the blood, and can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

The scientists believe ‘pre-domesticated’ fruit and veg eaten in years gone by had higher levels of hundreds of chemicals that help prevent disease. These include salicylates, which are used to make aspirin and play a key role in fighting cancer.

Today, some mass-produced fruits and vegetables are stored for months at a time in cold conditions to slow the ripening process. This process depletes the vitamins in the skin.
In addition, supermarkets select the best-looking stock when, in fact, plants produce more nutritious chemicals if they have bruises, as these are produced as a defence mechanism against threats.

Professor Leon Terry from Cranfield University said a ‘paradigm shift’ was required to promote foods based on their health-boosting properties, not their appearance.


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Die snorker in jou lewe

VANDERBIJLPARK. – Daar word geglo dat ongeveer een uit elke drie niksvermoedende paartjies met iemand trou wat snork.

Om langs ‘n snorker te lê ontneem nie slegs die slaapkamer van stilte nie, maar veroorsaak probleme tussen die eens liefdevolle paartjie.

Baie pasgetroudes sien snork as ‘n feit van die lewe, en doen nie stappe om die probleem te beheer nie. Slegs ‘n klein aantal maak hul bedmaat wakker. Sommige gaan slaap selfs in ‘n ander kamer.
Deur saam met ‘n snorker te slaap, kan die manier waarop jy wakker word en teenoor jou maat optree, verander.

Versteurde slaap vir ‘n enkele dag verhoog jou brein se reaksie op emosionele stimulasie. Dit verklaar waarom jy hoogs geïrriteerd, depressief en selfs romanties afstomp teenoor jou snorkende maat na ‘n rustelose nag.

Dit word beraam dat dié wat dit waag om naby ‘n snorker te slaap, tot ‘n uur se slaap elke nag kan verloor en selfs hoë bloeddruk kan kry. Dit het ook ‘n negatiewe uitwerking op jou gesondheid. Hoë vlakke van moegheid en slaperigheid is ook reeds gerapporteer en selfs die risiko om gehoorverlies te ontwikkel.

Tweedehandse snork mag selfs sy tol op gehoor neem. ‘n Lewensmaat wat langs ‘n snorker slaap, het erge gehoorverlies oor ‘n tydperk ontwikkel in die oor wat die meeste aan die snork blootgestel is. Die menslike brein is in staat om aan te pas in verskeie toestande. Dit is juis waarom baie getroudes na tien jaar se huwelik langs mekaar kan slaap sonder steurnis, selfs al snork hulle maat hewig.

Die nie-snorkende slaapmaat pas aan by die luide gesnork, deur die oor se gehoor-sensitiwiteit te verminder. Indien ons die hele wêreld se snorkers kon kombineer, sou dit waarskynlik ‘n massiewe aardbewing veroorsaak, veral as mens in ag neem dat elke snork so hard soos 60 tot 90 desibels is.

Die oorsaak van die euwel

Snork kan dikwels geblameer word op obstruksie in die neus of keel. Geblokte neuse as gevolg van allergieë, verkoue, mangels en selfs oorgewig kan almal tot snork lei. Oorgewig, spiere van die tong en keel wat swak is en selfs gene kan ook daarvoor verantwoordelik wees.

Oplossings kan moeilik wees. Vir ligte snorkers kan die oplossing so eenvoudig wees as om sy of haar slaapposisie te verander.

Oorpluisies kan ‘n eenvoudige oplossing wees, maar is nie effektief vir almal nie.

Snork gaan dikwels hand aan hand met meer ernstige obstruktiewe slaap-apnee wat uitgeken kan word deur episodes van onderbrekende asemhaling van meer as 10 sekondes wat tot gereelde wakker episodes en tot ‘n groot aantal gesondheidsprobleme kan lei.

Obstruktiewe slaap-apnee word geassosieer met erge slaperigheid en is ‘n risiko vir ongelukke, hoë bloeddruk, hartsiektes, depressie, swak konsentrasie, hartaanval en beroerte.
Deur slaap-apnee te behandel, kan snork merkwaardig verminder. Vir al die lewensmaats daar buite, kry jou snorker om te gaan vir ‘n slaapstudie. Nie alle snorkers ly aan slaap-apnee nie. As jou halsstarrige bedmaat weier om samewerking te gee, lig hom in dat jy nie terugkom slaapkamer toe totdat hy iets daaraan gedoen het nie.

Indien jy meer inligting oor hierdie sensitiewe kwessie wil hê, kontak Adele by 081 245 6151, of besoek


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Precaution is better than cure

With winter just around the corner, people need to start thinking about protecting themselves against dangerous influenza strains. A trip to your pharmacy, GP, hospital or clinic for your annual flu shot might just be the smartest thing you can do this season.

According to the World Health Organisation, influenza epidemics affect up to 15% of the global population every year, which leads to between 250 000 to 500 000 deaths. Flu vaccines are therefore highly recommended by healthcare practitioners as a precautionary step to protect against the dangerous virus strains, which have the ability to cause a pandemic if not controlled and treated correctly.

The Independent Community Pharmacy Association (ICPA) has joined the National Department of Health in driving an awareness campaign which highlights the risks of influenza and the benefits of having the flu vaccine. The Influenza Vaccination Campaign is endorsed and supported by the National Department of Health and the two pharmaceutical companies supplying influenza vaccines to the South African healthcare market, Abbott and Sanofi Pasteur. “Last year more than a million flu vaccinations were administered in South Africa, and this year we’d like to see these numbers increased significantly,” says Sham Moodley, ICPA Chairperson.

People considered to be in high risk groups can get their flu vaccinations for free from government clinics or hospitals. The high risk groups are pregnant women, people over 65 years old, those with chronic heart disease, diabetes or chronic lung disease, especially asthmatics, people living with HIV/Aids or other reduced immune system-related conditions.

However, getting vaccinated before winter is something even the healthiest person should consider, and they can get their flu shot for a nominal fee at any private healthcare organisation, such as a local pharmacy.

Some general facts about flu vaccination:
- Flu vaccines protect against the three influenza viruses that research by global and national healthcare organisations indicate will be most common during the upcoming season
- Influenza vaccines will not give you flu. It only contains non-infectious particles of the virus, which merely alert the body to the threat of the virus
- Regarding side effects, flu vaccines are considered to be very safe with the most common associated reaction being only a mild soreness at the site of the injection


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Avoiding Lifestyle Diseases

It is possible to significantly reduce the risk of contracting a number of diseases by changing the way we live our lives. Our modern lifestyles have an impact on our health – we’re more stressed, we have easy access to sugars and fats, many of us smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol, and many of us don’t exercise as part of our daily routines.

All of this contributes to an increased risk to our health, taking the form of very specific lifestyle diseases.
Type 2 Diabetes

This form of diabetes is characterised by high blood glucose and lower insulin, which, if not properly managed can result in varying complications like kidney failure, blindness and even death. Early type 2 diabetes can be managed with exercise and dietary modification, but once advanced, insulin is usually prescribed.

Early warning signs: Frequent urination, increased thirst, increased appetite, fatigue and weight loss.

Heart disease

This is a blanket term for a variety of diseases affecting the heart, involving both the muscles and the vascular system, which can ultimately result in heart failure. Before surgical intervention, treatment commonly consists of giving up smoking, light exercise, low-sodium diet and other dietary changes and medication.

Early warning signs: Shortness of breath, leg swelling and exercise intolerance

Metabolic syndrome

This is a combination of conditions that together increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Early warning signs: There are various differing indicators of the syndrome, but generally, raised blood fat levels, hypertension, obesity and high blood sugar, high insulin levels or insulin resistance must be present.

A central factor in this syndrome is the accumulation of fat around the abdomen.


Cancer is arguably the most frightening of the dread diseases, and while genetics contribute to this unregulated cell growth, there are many lifestyle contributors as well – the most significant of which is smoking.

Early warning signs: Cancer symptoms start at the site of the primary cancer and include swelling or bleeding, ulceration and ultimately pain (the initial swelling is often painless). Thereafter, when the cancer has spread, the lymph nodes enlarge, as can the liver and spleen.


This is a disturbance in the blood supply to the brain, resulting in a rapid loss of brain function and limited mobility or facial sagging often but not always restricted to one side of the body.
Early warning signs: The sudden onset of numbness or weakness in the face, arm or leg, especially on one side, confusion or problems understanding, difficulty speaking, vision difficulty, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination or difficulty walking or a severe headache.

Step 2 – try to stay healthy by making sure that you:

* Exercise moderately at least: Even a half hour’s brisk walk a day is enough to improve your health and reduce your risks.
* Eat the right foods: Avoid fatty foods and too many carbs, eat good proteins – preferably grilled rather than fried – and not too much red meat, eat plenty fresh vegetables and a fair deal of fruit, and avoid overly processed or sugary foods.
* Get enough sleep: Sleep reduces stress and inflammation, helps regulate your appetite and reduces your risk for depression and heart conditions. Try to get around eight hours of sleep a night.
* Drink enough water: Most people don’t drink as much water as they should. Although other beverages are hydrating, they introduce other substances into your body as well. Try for around eight glasses of water a day.
* Reduce stress: Stress is one of the biggest risk factors in many lifestyle diseases. While worrying about stress can generally only make you more stressed, it’s a good idea to try and manage your life if you find that you are feeling overwhelmed. Speak to a therapist or a life coach if you really can’t find a way to make the changes you know you need.
* Give up smoking: There is no debate about the link between cancer and smoking.
* Drink alcohol only in moderation: Although there are varying definitions of “moderation” when it comes to alcohol, it is a good idea to drink no more than one or two drinks a day – and these daily drinks can’t be rolled over to the weekend.
* Treat existing conditions: So many lifestyle diseases create greater risks for others – for instance there is a clear link between diabetes, heart disease and strokes. If you have one condition, take it seriously, and if you are in a high-risk group – for instance, have high blood pressure – make sure that you manage your condition.
By Graham Anderson, principal officer of Profmed.


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Vaal Emergency care vier sesde bestaansjaar

SASOLBURG. – Vaalridge Auto is die trotse borg van Vaal Emergency Care se nuwe BMW 320 diesel. Vaalridge Auto is deel van die Imperial-groep van maatskappye en hierdie is ‘n inisiatief wat gedryf word deur die ‘Imperial I-Pledge’-veldtog wat landwyd van stapel gestuur is.

Vaal Emergency Care bedien die nasionale paaie in ons gebied en Vaalridge Auto is trots daarop dat twee van hulle tegnici, Frikkie de Beer en Emanuel Gomes, hierby betrokke is. Dit is deel van die Imperial-groep se inisiatief om die gemeenskap en padgebruikers in ons gebied te dien.

Die BMW is ten volle toegerus met alle noodhulp-toerusting denkbaar tot op gevorderde lewensonder-steuningsvlak. Dit word op ‘n daaglikse basis deur VEC gebruik om ‘n verskil in die plaaslike gemeenskap te maak. Hulle gebruik ook die BMW tydens vakansietye om die groot paaie en snelweë in die omgewing te patrolleer en mediese bystand te verleen. Hulle dek dele van die N1, N3, R59 en R57.

Vaal Emergency Care vier vanjaar hulle 6de bestaans-jaar en groei van krag tot krag. Hulle bied nie net privaat ambulansdienste nie, maar ook noodhulpopleiding, mediese bystand by enige hoedanigheid (van sportbyeenkomste tot feeste en ‘biker rally’s’), die verskaffing van mediese personeel by o.a. fabrieke se ‘shutdowns’ en ook die verkoop en instandhouding van noodhulpkaste.

Privaat ambulansdienste sluit nie net die vervoer van pasiënte van huis tot hospitaal in nie, maar ook enige mediese noodgeval soos motorongelukke, hartaanvalle, asma-aanvalle ens.
Dit is nie net vir mense met ‘n mediese fonds nie. Privaat kliënte kan ook van hulle dienste gebruik maak teen ‘n minimale fooi.

Daar is ook ‘n groot miskonsepsie as dit kom by mediese fondse en vir watter ambulansdiens hulle betaal. Die feit van die saak is, dat in ‘n mediese noodgeval, maak nie saak op watter mediese skema jy is nie, enige ambulansdiens mag jou vervoer en jou fonds betaal daarvoor.

Vaal Emergency Care bedien die hele Vaaldriehoek, van Oranjeville tot in Henley-on-Klip en het persele en voertuie in Sasolburg asook Vanderbijlpark. Hulle is altyd blitsvinnig op die toneel en afgesien van uiters hoë gekwalifiseerde personeel, het hulle ook ‘n mediese dokter wat in trauma spesialiseer en bystand verleen op tonele. Indien jy enige mediese bystand nodig het, of in ‘n mediese noodgeval verkeer, skakel Vaal Emergency Care by (016) 976 7887 of op 073 370 6995 . Hulle is altyd beskikbaar, 24 uur ‘n dag, 365 dae ‘n jaar.


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