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Hands of Hope not empty-handed thanks to saint Mittal!

VANDERBIJLPARK. – The founder of the Hands of Hope Home Based Care, Isaac Hlalele together with Brenda Mvunge coordinator, could not contain their excitement when one of the big steel companies Arcelor Mittal donated the key of the Mini Bus that can carry 15 passengers recently. Hlalele says that they are over the moon with the transport. This will be of great assistance, especially to the Care Givers attending to patients. The taxi will make their task much easier.

Sometimes we have to attend to a patient in an emergency. The Mini Bus comes at exactly the right time, says Hlalele. It will also help Health Counseling and Testing. Thank you Mittal, for opening your generous heart. We hope that it will extend its hand to other communities. With the transport, we will make sure that it is in the good Hands of Hope,ΓÇ¥ says Hlalele. Heinrich Kriel, general manager of Mittal in Vanderbijlpark said that they were proud and honored to be involved in the work conducted by the Home Based project. He says that it is important to plough back in the projects that take care of the public. ΓÇ£We are aware the kind of work you do and sometimes you literally need to go the extra mile. Without assistance your task may sometimes seem problematic or even impossible. This key is a token of our appreciation, the big steel company is looking forward to assist other projects that benefit the community,ΓÇ¥ says Kriel. Not long ago, Arcellor Mittal donated four vegetables tunnels to Home Based Care in order to provide nutritious meals for people on chronic medication said the coordinator, Mvenge.

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God belongs in our curriculum


Sedibeng Development Centre, an Evaton community centre that consists of numerous youth empowerment activities, will be approaching education from a different perspective. The centre will soon launch the Roots International Ministry – a Spiritual School of Thought. RIM is a nursery school that will bring the good news to children from an early age. This idea was brought into action after the head, Peter Kekane, the SDC realized that children lose track of what is important in life, because they are not provided with spiritual food when they are still young. Kekane feels that the community has lost their moral compass.

We are a decomposing nation that cannot lead its youth with dignity and honour. We are a lost generation that has abandoned Christ and our spirituality. We are allowing our emotions and feelings to misguide us and our children, says Kekane. In the Bible (Matthew 19:14) Jesus said, Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of heaven belong to such as these. Kekane believes that if our children are taught at an early age about good and evil and to listen to their conscience, we can have a country that embraces God, a country that embarks on Gods principles and spiritual guidance.

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Big-Bang-theory true without education!





Arcelor Mittal Science Centre hosted the Vaal Career Exhibition at the Arcelor Mittal Science Centre (Sebokeng) on Thursday. It was attended by more than ten schools. The Science centre invited a number of institutions to exhibit their indigenous companies.

Well accredited institutions like the Wits University, Roster Technical, FET Colleges, Unisa, University of Pretoria, Tshwane University of Technology, Limpopo, NSFAS, Belgium Campus Universal College, Outcomes University of Fort Hare, VUT, North  West University, Oval International Campus, Jeppe College, and the CTI College University of Venda represented their companies.

It was an insightful day for the learners and most of them are working hard to complete matric in order to enroll at one of these institutions. Alinah Masobela, the science centre coordinator says they are pleased the number or learners that showed up. It really shows that there are parents and teachers who are seeing the bigger picture for the future of this country through education.

We are aiming to elevate their minds. We are looking for the opportunity where learners can see the greater side of life when they embrace higher education and how important is it for our country to have professionals like doctors, pilots, scientists, actors and other fields, says Masobela. Masobela also adds that learners had a chance to acquire information pertaining to different available careers, general employment opportunities and requirements for further study.

This was conducted in order for the learners to acquire realistic and understandable information for different careers prior to choosing subjects at school. This career expo also included information on bursaries and scholarships to encourage learners to enroll.

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Selfless students of Selbourne

VEREENIGING.-The Selbourne Primary School students and educators realized that there are a lot of needy people out there and decided to present the 21 residents in Vereeniging at old hospital, with early Christmas gifts on Friday. These students and educators embarked on a project to feed the needy.

Fundraising was conducted prior to the project as part of the implementation of the plan. Nonhlanhla Mamba, an educator that acknowledged the initiative of her students says that giving back to the community is one project that filled their hearts joy and the receptors with gratitude. As educators we were very touched by the students initiative. We are confronted with the situation in our neighbourhood every day and our conscience forced us to do something about it. More than 30 families were given food and clothes to take back home.

The initiative brought a smile on the faces of these helpless people. Gladys Katewa, an educator adds that 8 of their students were given hampers to take home, and the format will continue on a monthly basis. Katewa says the idea came as they were dealing with and teaching the children about poverty in their lessons and then the learners decided that they want to do something for the community.

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Young womens minds filled with ideas!


The Sebokeng SAPS Youth Crime Prevention Desk held a successful Young Womens Imbizo at the Modishi Primary School in Zone 13 on Saturday. Held to offer young women from different backgrounds an opportunity to share ideas and life experiences, the event brought together the structures sub-forums for the purpose of celebrating Womens Month.

Following a brief introduction and welcoming of guests by the Youth Desks Palesa Boye, the secretary, Lucy Monana delivered the days keynote address. There are several challenges currently facing the youth and these include teenage pregnancy, alcohol and drug abuse and unemployment. We have to come together in events like this one, talk about these problems and try and come up with solutions which will be recommended to other young people in similar situations, says Monana.

After some entertainment in the form of poetry and dance by invited guests, it was Captain Millicent Mgcinas turn to address the crowd. The Sebokeng SAPS Sector 4 Manager did not mince her words and told young people in attendance about their peers involvement in all-night boozing, early unnecessary and unprotected sex and the purchase and consumption of the popular drug nyaope. We have to help each other face these social ills and that is why I am here  to help you, says Mgcina.

Youth Desk Chairperson, Patrick Kheswa stepped in and separated all the guests on the attendance register into three commissions  substance abuse, HIV and Aids and teenage pregnancy. The three groups were tasked with identifying the causes of these social ills and identifying and recommending solutions which will be compiled into a booklet and distributed to other youths in Sebokeng and surrounding areas. The members of the hosting Zone 13 sub-forum looked stunning and stole the show in their traditional attire, much to the pleasure of the Youth Desk executive committee members and the guests.

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No need to thula when watching Pantsula!


It is the dance that goes beyond the moves and has entertained South Africans for decades! The Pantsula dance is synonymous with township culture and a group of talented dancers in Kanana are planning to take this historical form of art to new heights.

Formed in June last year, the Tornado Pantsula Dancers have been performing at various local events and dance shows. Recently, they blew the crowds away at an event hosted by the Sebokeng SAPS Youth Desk recently. Two members of the group, Steve Vhelembo and Jaco Mahlong say that they will never turn to crime as they prefer to preoccupy themselves with doing something they enjoy: entertaining audiences with their dance routines

We are currently based in Sebokeng, but we would like develop this organization into something bigger, says Vhelembo. Mahlong adds that Pantsula dancing requires a lot of rehearsing time before the act can be taken on the road. Pantsula dance was born in the townships of South Africa in the 1950s.

Originally referring to a fashion style, it soon evolved into a cultural expression and later into a dance form. By the 1980s, when the townships were aflame and war had broken out between the Apartheid police and the young men in the area, Pantsula dance was an expression of art and release of tension for many. The culture of Pantsula was commonly associated with  (gangsters) in the sixties and seventies, but has recently become a means of employment for many young men who have otherwise had little support. Through funding from different agencies including government departments, more and more young people are making a living through dance.

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Cough up or choke? Its not that simple

 Emfuleni Local council seems to have gotten itself in a very sticky situation this time around.
But is it really a surprise that at the moment the community is suffering due to their unpaid accounts? Surely at some point someone in council should have realised that this bubble of denial would burst and that they would have to face the music. The unfortunate part about all of this, though, is that it happens during Executive Mayor Assistance Mshudulus tenure in council and although he clearly was not on the hot seat for the past ten years when this fiasco started brewing, he must now sweep clean.

All those who came before Mshudulu must be breathing a sigh of relief that they never had to deal with such a messy situation themselves. Right, Emfuleni has admitted that there is a financial problem but now we need to hear what is next and what plan of action they are preparing to take to make sure that a change comes fast or else they may suffer very grave repercussions for this.

We know for a fact that some people are not paying their municipal accounts, but one can almost be sure that some of them have financial constraints. However, without a doubt some might be plain sick and tired of being wrongfully billed (as has been reported by this newspaper several times before).

It is only until council comes up with a good plan to sort out into categories what type of non-payers they are dealing with can they begin to deal with the problem. First there are those who are genuinely impoverished and suffer and struggle to have a loaf of bread on the table and for them to even think of paying a rand to local council for services is not an option.

 Then you get those who are marginally impoverished and although they might afford to pay for services, they would rather pay their childrens school fees (hardly a difficult decision).
Then there are those who are able to pay their accounts but they simply do not do it because of various reasons such as the financial strain being put on them by the economic recession, the loss of jobs and business, sheer anger at councils billing system, being fed up with unsatisfactory services or plain old lack of planning and ignorance.

Whatever the reason for people not paying their accounts, there should be a unique plan of dealing with these different classes of residence. One of the steps that apply to all of them, though, is to make sure that they all stay informed. Indigents need to know what steps to follow in order to avoid being indebted and those in arrears also need to know what options are available to them.
Having said all this, one thing remains: Something needs to be done, fast!

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Nice Nthabi! Local lady the queen of golf


The name Nthabiseng Radebe is on all local golfers lips after she emerged as the overall winner during the Regional Womens Golf Tournament that was held at Riviera Country Club recently.

 This promising 22-year-old golfer beat Khothalang Khanye in an exciting final to be crowned queen of the tournament, which saw local ladies pitted against each other to in order the selected for the team that will represent Sedibeng in the Provincial Womens Golf Tournament that is scheduled to take place in Johannesburg on October 31.

The regional tournament was played under the auspices of the South African Black Golfers Association and president of the associations Sedibeng branch, Vusi Mthetwa, hailed the tourney as a success.
Mthetwa says that Radebe has the potentials to become a world class golfer. I pray that she never quits the sport and I have no doubt that she will go professional if her performance over the weekend is anything to go by, he says, adding that all of the golfers that partook in the tournament were very impressive.

We invite all women who are interested in the sport to come and join us at the Evaton Golf Course. We will give them free golf lessons, he says.
 Speaking to Radebe, she says she is over the moon to represent Sedibeng in the Provincial Womens Tournament and she is confident that she will do very well in the upcoming tournament. I’m looking forward to partake, because I believe I can win it. Im working very hard, she concludes.

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- MTUMTUM: Should he stay or should he go?

SEDIBENG. – The presidency future of Safa Sedibeng Xolani Mtumtum is in the balance and with the Safa Sedibeng Annual General Meeting (AGM) around the corner, the main question local footballersΓÇÖ lips is: who will be his successor? Weekly Sport is in good authority that this much anticipated AGM is scheduled to take place on November 7 with a special general meeting taking place on October 31 and the candidates have already started lobbying for teamsΓÇÖ support. It is now almost four years that the current Safa Sedibeng Executive has served in office and like any organisation the association has experienced a lot of problems in terms of administering football affairs. Weekly Sport has learned that Star Hlongwane, who is a current Safa Sedibeng Executive Member, as well as Emfuleni Local Football Association chairman Bushy Nale are among the powerful football administrators to challenge the presidential position. ΓÇ£It is true that Hlongwane and Nale are among the most respected candidates for this position. I understand that Mtumtum will be also standing, but I donΓÇÖt think he stands a chance, because local teams want young blood,ΓÇ¥ says a reliable source within Safa Sedibeng. Should Nale be elected, it will be bad news for Emfuleni soccer teams, as deputy chairman Phinki Khumalo will once again become the associationΓÇÖs chairman. Although, Hlongwane should not be underestimated, as he has been around for quite some time and understands the local football politics very well. Hlongwane, who employed as the Vaal University of Technology (VUT) Head of Sports Department is well known for taking local and national football administrators to the cleaners. However ends up being president has some very big shoes to fill, as greats such as the names of Patrick Mphulenyane, Anthony Reeves and former Safa president Molefi Oliphant have all headed this once proud football region that has now, according to many, become a laughing stock.

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Club Milanos in the Vaal: The next hot thing

Club Milanos in the Vaal is within a travelling distance from 3-5 star-rated accommodation and recreational facilities, close to the Vaal River. This presents a glorious opportunity for the business potential prevalent in the area, because of the Vaal River. The neighbourhoods of Jozi, Ekurhuleni, Tshwane & Free state are gradually recognizing the unique potential of the Vaal, thus exploring regular options to visit with the prime venues of entertainment in the area, e.g. Sebokeng, Sharpeville, Evaton, Vereeniging, Vanderbjlpark, etc. As an integral part of the Sedibeng District, this entertainment venue renders itself as a keen option for the patronage of tourists and fun lovers from all over the Gauteng Province and South Africa, at large. Travel excursions into the area have come to be a recent boost for the local economy. Restaurants, entertainment venues, hotels, B&Bs, nightclubs, etc. are realizing popularity in the recent years. Our location is ideal in that it positions us at the gateway to the entertainment options for the Vaal.

It is vital to present this venue as the first attraction to our resident and visitor, international and domestic tourist, says one of the owners of the club, Quincy Kekana a businessman and radio personality who adds that the brand is deliberately reconfigured to take full advantage of the music fanaticism that has engulfed the Vaal and positions itself to express the rhythm of quality entertainment.

Club Milanos is the home of the patron who is also the typical progressive business man, business woman, aspiring middle-aged professional man/woman, tourist/ visitor from anywhere. It takes prides in its high profile with a big screen in the dance hall; laser Lights on the dance-floor, Milanos VIP Lounge for the club member and African cuisine from the kitchen, fully licensed gambling slot machines and balcony for a cocktail moment, says an excited Kekana.

Clearly the customer for this venue is someone who is savvy to their sport, entertainment, showbiz and a fun-loving person with a passion for music. The venue is a meeting point for the fanatic who opts to enjoy a drink, a quick meal, a chat and watch a game of soccer or rugby in the company of friends at a premium venue. The level of entrepreneurship is of a high standard whilst the venue offers an exciting ambience in terms of creative excellence.

Our objective is to quench the thirst for alternative recreation, offer a compact dining option at a multi-national venue for networking, whilst offering entertainment in a safe & comfortable environment. The modernized Milanos VIP Lounge marks the inception of a jewel for alternative lifestyle and networking for the targeted corporate in the Vaal, concludes Kekana.

Check out this space for the details of the opening weekend of the 29 and 30 October, from 18:00 till the break of dawn. The club is located at The Hanger Square, near Nandos in Vereeniging. There will be countless entertainment from artists & deejays, fashion shows, brand promotions, product launches, comedy shows, special events and much more!!!

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Arnold bult spiere by SA’s


Alle F1-geesdriftiges weet dat renstel-wedrenne die poort na die Heilige Graal van motorsport is.
Daarvan kan die 21-jarige Arnold Benjamin Neveling getuig nadat hy onlangs op die Zwartkops-renstelbaan (karting) in Pretoria die gesogte Rotax Senior Max Nasionale Renstel-kampioenskap gewen het.
Maar dit is nie al nie Hy het sodoende gekwalifiseer om einde November in Al Ain, in die Verenigde Arabiese Emirate, aan die Rotax-wereldfinaal deel te neem.

Dit was lekker om bietjie vir n slag te wen. Ons was n paar keer naby, maar baie ongelukkig. Ek sien uit na die wereldkampioenskap. Ek sal baie tevrede wees indien ek onder die voorste ses jaers kan eindig. Daar gaan sowat 72 jaers van regoor die wereld deelneem,se hy.
Bykans elke F1-renjaer het hulle eerste tree op pad na die hoogste sport, in renstel gegee en dit is presies wat die gebore en getore Vaaldriehoeker besig is om te doen. Maar die roete na die kruin is een vol slaggate en uitdagings.
Dit is n baie duur sport en mens sal nooit in geldwaarde uitkry wat jy insit nie. Ek maak maar staat op vriende en klein beleggers om my aan die gang te hou. My droom is om in Europa deel te neem, maar dis almal se droom en dit is bietjie onrealisties. Ek wil graag in die plaaslike Rally-kampioenskap n voet in die deur kry, se die voormalige Europese kampioen.

Arnold volg in die voetspore van oud-Vaaldriehoeker en voormalige wreldkampioen, Wesley Orr, wat self in Vereeniging die fynere kunsies van die sport geleer het.
Hoewel Arnold al op motorsport heilig-domme soos Hockenheim in Duits-land deelgeneem het, is hy dit eens dat die renstelbaan in Vereeniging altyd baie spesiaal vir hom sal bly.
Die oud-leerling van die Laerskool Vryheidsmonument en die Hoer Tegniese Skool Vereeniging het as 5-jarige kannetjie sy eerste proesel van die sport, danksy huisvriende gekry en soos wat hulle se is die res geskiedenis.
Net soveel jaers as wat daar is, net soveel opinies sal daar wees, maar volgens hom is aanvoeling vir motorsport belangrik, maar niks klop harde werk en deursettingsvermoe nie.

Natuurlike talent help, maar mens moet hard werk en tyd agter die stuurwiel spandeer. Sonder dit gaan jy nerens kom nie se hy.
Hy gee ook ruiterlik te kenne dat sedert hy voltyds as spanbestuurder by Etienne Roos Racing begin werk het sy vrye tyd beperk is, maar dat hy steeds tyd inruim om in oefening te bly.

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Publiek wil meer weet oor onkoste

Heelwat mense het onlangs in die sms-rubriek gekla oor hoe veeartskoste om diere te laat steriliseer asook die koste van Çÿn algemene ondersoek. Verwys ook Vaalweekblad van 4 Mei 2011.
Ek wil graag hierop reageer. Ek het ook onlangs navraag gedoen oor die koste van sterilisasie van n Jack Russel-teef en vir my is gese dat dit R1 000 plus sou wees, afhangende daarvan of die teef op hitte sou wees al dan nie.

n Sekere welsynsorganisasie vir diere in die Kaap vra donasies van R500 per hond en se dit is wat die koste is om diere te steriliseer in Khayelitsha waar hulle die arm mense help wat dit nie kan bekostig nie.
Vir duidelikheid en om vir mense aan te dui doen ek n beroep op veeartse om vir ons te verduidelik hoe die koste beraam word wat hulle hef om n dier te steriliseer.

As dit vir ons almal duidelik is, sal die kritiek teen veeartse oor hoe koste nie meer geldig wees nie. Is daar veeartse in die Vaaldriehoek wat vrywillig hulle dienste aanbied om diere van die minder gegoede gemeenskappe kosteloos te steriliseer of selfs teen n verminderde tarief?
Daar is soveel ongewenste diere, wat veral druk op die DBV plaas, dat n plan van aksie gerus geloods kan word om die diere te steriliseer.
Is daar iewers iemand wat kan help?

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Leisure properties : Property sales on the Vaal Dam brisk again

With summer well on its way, Pam Golding Properties reports that leisure home buyers are re-emerging, with property sales on the Vaal Dam brisk over the past three months.
Phil Medlock, Pam Golding Properties (PGP) area principal, says astute investors are snapping up not only well priced waterfront homes but also those within walking distance of the dam, with the bulk of sales mainly in the price-range between R1.45-million and R3-million.  They have realised that the timing could not be better for acquiring a holiday home as in the current economic trading conditions they are able to purchase very appealing properties for around 20-percent below original list-price.We saw a dramatic increase in purchases over the last year, with the majority comprising cash buyers, and the balance with sizeable deposits  to the extent that we have not had any rejections where mortgages were required. We are finding that our buyers know what they are looking for and exactly what they need to budget.
Those seeking leisure properties are also tending to look closer to home for convenience  evidenced by the fact that all our recent buyers have been from the greater Gauteng area.  Medlock says while prices of waterfront properties generally start at around R2.3-million, PGP is currently marketing a seven-bedroom home with its own private waterfront and situated in the popular and well established Castle Marina Complex in Deneysville, at a reduced price of R1.95-million.  This is exceptional value-for-money as the property can easily accommodate two families. Essentially it comprises two full properties with two kitchens, four bedrooms downstairs and three bedrooms upstairs  with a separate entrance, as well as a huge garage.

Secure upmarket estate launched
Medlock says that, while the sale of vacant waterfront land remains slow, the October (2011) launch of the 300ha, secure Ambermere Estate on a prime location on the Vaal Dam will boost sales.  Each stand has a minimum of 100m of water frontage – overlooking the confluence of the Vaal and Wilge Rivers. This is one of the only portions of the dam which are not flat, thereby providing elevated views of rolling hills and indigenous grasslands over the huge expanse of deep water.

This is coupled with grassed embankments, sandy beaches, two marinas and numerous indigenous trees, making this a one-of-a-kind development with an array of water sports activities available.  All the stands will be at least two hectares in size, and with a total of only 62 stands there will be an abundance of open space for leisure activities such as walking, cycling or horseriding, while the estate is currently being stocked with small game. The launch price for stands in Phase One starts at
R750 000, with all costs included.

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Hoogtepunt om self kansel toe te kan stap


Albei sy bene is geamputeer en hy kan n boek skryf oor die vele terugslae wat hy reeds beleef het, maar Francois Zietsman (39) het op 7 Oktober n hoogtepunt beleef toe hy self na die kansel kon stap, waar sy pragtige bruid, Zammy Bolinsky, op hom gewag het.  As 18-jarige was Francois in ΓÇÿn ernstige motorongeluk betrokke waarin hy onder meer gesigbeserings opgedoen het.  Hy is eers na agt maande en meer as dertig operasies ontslaan. Die einde van sy terugslae was egter nog nie in sig nie. Sowat twee jaar na die ongeluk het Francois n stramheid in sy lyf opgemerk en hy het begin om erge pyn te ervaar.

Hy is uiteindelik gediagnoseer met rumatoede artritis, as gevolg van n foutiewe bloedoortapping na die motorongeluk.  Hieraan kon die dokters niks doen nie en hulle moes ses tot agt jaar wag vir die siekte om homself uit te woed.  Die skade was egter permanent, en Francois moes  n heup- en knievervanging ondergaan. n Paar jaar later het sy liggaam die knieprostese verwerp en n infeksie veroorsaak wat so erg was dat dit na sy heup versprei het. Albei prosteses moes verwyder word. Die gevolg hiervan was dat Francois nooit weer sou kon loop nie.

Maar Francois het besluit en geglo dat hy wel weer sal loop.

Sy been moes geamputeer word en n kunsbeen is deur n staatshospitaal verskaf, maar dit was te swaar en hy kon nie daarmee oor die weg kom nie. n Rolstoel was die enigste uitweg.  Jare later het Francois die moeilike besluit geneem om sy regterbeen ook te amputeer, aangesien die been onbruikbaar geraak het van te min beweging.  Twee kunsbene sou sy laaste hoop wees om weer te kan loop.

Na die amputasie het Francois geld begin insamel vir die kunsbene (R55 000 elk), maar daar het nog n uitdaging oor die diep gelowige man se pad gekom. Hy het n man ontmoet wat dringend n beenoperasie benodig het en dit nie kon bekostig nie, en Francois het gevoel dat hy die man moes help en toe maar weer van voor af met sy eie fondsinsameling begin.

Toe gebeur n wonderwerk  die vierde persoon by wie Francois n kwotasie vir die kunsbene gaan vra het, het aangebied om dit gratis vir hom te gee.  Francois en Zammy het mekaar vier jaar gelede ontmoet toe hulle altwee n seminaar by die kerk bygewoon het, en daar was dadelik n spesiale konneksie.  Die tweetjies het albei hulle vrese gehad, maar kon dit opsy skuif en mekaar beter leer ken. Uiteindelik het Francois die groot vraag langs die Vaalrivier gevra.

En hierdie maand, byna twee jaar later, het hulle om 06:00 die oggend by die Feathers Gastehuis ewige trou aan mekaar belowe  dit terwyl Francois, te danke aan sy kunsbene, sy bruid in die oe kon kyk.  Die egpaar het hulle wittebrood by die Wits End Mountain Resort ( in die Drakensberge geniet. Die oord het hierdie viering van hulle huwelik gedeeltelik vir Francois en Zammy geborg.
*Vir meer oor Francois, besoek sy webtuiste by

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