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Deliver Us

SEBOKENG.- Mass prayers were recently held around the Sedibeng area by the Emfuleni Local Municipality together with the members of the community. The impact and negative Influence of lack of employment, substance abuse, environmental issues and peer pressure were the main reasons behind the gathering. These challenges prompted the community of Sedibeng, particularly women, to organize themselves to conduct a mass prayer-meeting for the youth. After their interaction on a number of occasions, the group then extended an invitation to Emfuleni Local Municipality (ELM) as the closest government institution to the community. Following several meetings, the two parties (ELM and Sedibeng community) agreed on a formation of a partnership to advance the initiative. Other stakeholders, including, churches, Social Development, Correctional Services, SA Police Services, NGOs, Youth, GDE and labour movements, were invited to be part of the prayer-meeting. Joint mass prayer-meetings were hosted at different venues around Emfuleni. ELM spokesperson Klass Mofomme says that the prayersΓÇÖ main objective was to decrease teenage substance abuse, reduce crime and create awareness on parental care obligation. The main event was held at Mphatlalatsane Hall in Sebokeng.
Source:  Vaal Weekly

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From “I do” to “We do”

VEREENIGING- Florence Mathe, the writer of ΓÇ£The Unloved WifeΓÇ¥ hosted a marriage seminar themed ΓÇ£Family BondsΓÇ¥ on Saturday at the Vereeniging City Hall. This event was attended by a numerous married and unmarried couples. According to Mathe, the main purpose of this seminar was to create an awareness about individuality, and understanding that you and your spouse or partner are two different people, with different personalities. Mathe says that what she finds most troubling, is that there are more couples that are getting divorced than married. She concludes that in most cases, couples get divorced because they use inconsolable differences as an excuse. Bishop Isaac Mthimkulu from Koinonia Bible Church also hosted an insightful sermon about marriages and differences between a man and a woman. He emphasizes the importance of making sure that you and your partner share the same values and standards and that there should be a common goal or vision, before you start thinking about courtship or marriage. This will ensure that you do not wake up one morning and realize that the person next to you is a total stranger. Mthimkulu says that once a couple has a shared vision for their family, the dream could be accomplished only if they make a conscious decision to work together. ΓÇ£No marriage is perfect and there will always be disagreements, but that does not mean that you have to end up loathing each other. It is normal. You perceive things differently because you are two different people. Arguments in marriages have to happen sometimes, so see it as an opportunity to straighten out the crinkles in your relationships. Do not see an argument as an open door to attack or antagonize the other person. Let us try and find a common goal for the family and be united in the family dream,ΓÇ¥ says Mthimkulu who adds that divorce has never been a solution unless you are in an abusive relationship. He emphasizes that a married couple has to understand the importance of having a family. Mthimkulu also says that it saddens him to hear how people disrespect the concept of marriage. Just because they are ignorant and selfish, they refer to marriage as ΓÇ£being hell,ΓÇ¥ but it does not have to be like that. Mathe adds on MthimkuluΓÇÖs idea that marriage will be as strong as the foundation that you have built it on. The seminar surely has created an impact on all the attendees, as they walked away with homeworks to do, eager to make transformations in their lives. In conclusion Mathe says that family bonds and affairs are there to put us on the right track.
Source: Vaal Weekly

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Around Emfuleni in 100 days

VANDERBIJLPARK.-The Emfuleni Local MunicipalityΓÇÖs recent Executive Mayor, Greta Hlongwane will host a media briefing on Wednesday for the 100-day-plan to embark on service delivery and other issues affecting the community. This plan follows just after Hlongwane has been inaugurated and authorised as the ELM Executive Mayor. ΓÇ£She established the working plan and the team that will embrace her vision says,ΓÇ¥ Klaass Mofomme the ELM spokesperson. Mofomme says that the plan by the Executive Mayor was brought into action to help the municipality improve its performance by giving themselves a time frame to complete certain tasks. Mofomme says that Hlongwane acknowledged all the previous mayors before her, but that she still identified one of the ELMΓÇÖs greatest issues to be that of service delivery. ΓÇ£This is the one main issue the community complains about and the Executive Mayor is working out a plan to reduce the complications due to service delivery in order to have a municipality that cares for the community,ΓÇ¥ says Mofomme. He further says, ΓÇ£As part of our commitment to keep in touch with the community and also ensuring that issues affecting communities are addressed, the Emfuleni Local Municipality will launch its 100-day-plan of action. The Plan is also aimed at ensuring that the political leadership is measuring the performance of the Municipality on a quarterly basis.
Source:  Vaal Weekly

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A career in tree-hugging

SASOLBURG. ΓÇô The Rand Water Foundation and Fezile Dabi District Municipality have signed a memorandum of agreement to focus on a project for promoting agricultural development as one of the vehicles for economic development and poverty alleviation within the boundaries of the district, said the MMC for Local Economic Development. The Service Level Agreement documents were signed on the dotted line by two parties, the Executive Mayor Moeketsi Moshodi and Mahletleho Sekoaila, General Manager of Rand Water Foundation. This was witnessed by the mayor of Ngwathe Local Municipality, Jonas Ramokhoase and Monti Mongake, District Municipal Manager. The document was signed in a yellow and white tent at Weltevrede farm in Koppies on August 2. ΓÇ£Our mandate is to implement the manifesto the government has given to the public and highlighted by President Jacob Zuma on job creation. To fight poverty and create sustainable jobs, we have to make sure that all vacancies are filled by the end of September. Moshodi adds that ΓÇ£We cannot celebrate while the youth are unemployed and the people are going to bed with empty stomachs.ΓÇ¥ He appealed to the youth to try access skills and knowledge to improve life for themselves. He said the youth must consider themselves fortunate. A five year agreement was signed between the two parties to make sure that the land becomes available in October next year, says Sekoaila.
Source:  Vaal Weekly

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Happy Women’s month

I am hereby dedicating this warm message to all women of the world. Woman, you give birth and you care and love. You are a mother to your children, a comforter to your family and you serve your community with pride. Woman, you are the light that shines through wherever you may be in life, you are an educator at home, you are a teacher in the community, even when you cannot read or write, you are the cornerstone of life. You are a freedom fighter who fights with prayer; you are also a leader in church and in community development projects. You bring peace. Happy WomenΓÇÖs Month!
Source:  Vaal Weekly

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Oh boy – No, oh Girl!

VANDERBIJLPARK.- With August known as womenΓÇÖs month ΓÇô it came as no surprise when one of the up and coming female coaches, Botle Mahele beat her male counterpart soccer team during the mini soccer tournament held at the Isak Steyl Stadium on Saturday. This mini soccer tournament was hosted by the VUT Dev FC as part of the teamΓÇÖs pre-season preparations. MaheleΓÇÖs side, Vanderbijlpark Young Stars beat Nale Football Academy and VUT Dev u/13 team. Mahele demonstrated her knowledge in the male dominated sport ΓÇô football. The defeat was a bitter pill to swallow for both VUT Dev and Nale Academy, taking into consideration the high standard these sides set in local football. After the game, Mahele was smiling all the way home with her youngsters boasting how they beat the big fishes. ΓÇ£IΓÇÖm very excited because my boys showed lot of character. It was a sweet revenge for us because both teams beat my team previously. I was overwhelmed by the ΓÇÿnever die spiritΓÇÖ displayed by these boys. Beating Nale Academy and VUT Dev is a fantastic achievement and IΓÇÖm proud of this,ΓÇ¥ says the still excited Mahele. As part of development ΓÇô Nale Academy decided to loan its u/13 goalkeeper, Thabo Motloung to Vanderbijlpark Young Star when theyplayed against VUT. To date, Mahele was one of the few female coaches who attended the recent PSV and Emfuleni Local Municipality soccer coaching clinic held at the Cecil Oldridge Park Stadium. This mini tournament was for the u/13s, u/14s and u/15s. The teams that were involved include Liverpool, RESA, Nale Academy and VUT Dev. Meanwhile, the embarrassment of the day was when Nale Academy u/17 beat the Super League side Liverpool FC 2-1 with a thriller-minute encounter. Nale AcademyΓÇÖs youngsters gave this Boipatong based side a free soccer lesson. This was before they played to a 1-all against RESA in another game.
Source:  Vaal Weekly

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Om jou brein gesond te hou is belangrik

Net soos wat jy jou liggaam gesond moet hou, is dit ook belangrik om te sorg dat jou brein gesond bly sodat jy na die beste van jou vermoë kan funksioneer. Gelukkig kan jy jou brein gesond hou met ‘n leefstyl wat ook jou liggaam gesond sal hou. Profmed Medical Scheme gee die volgende raad:
* ‘n Goeie dieet wat vry is van kosse wat hoë cholesterolvlakke bevat, is belangrik om te verhoed dat jy later in jou lewe seniel raak.
ΓÇ£GoeieΓÇ¥ cholesterol soos Omega 3 en 6 kan egter help om jou breinselle te beskerm, en ook jou kanse kleiner maak om ΓÇÿn hartaanval of beroerte te kry. Kosse wat goed is vir jou brein sluit in kersies, bessies, appels, kerrie, eiers, sadientjies, oesters en kakao.
* Jou brein het, net soos jou spiere, oefening nodig. Wiskundige- of woordspeletjies is ‘n goeie manier om daardie breinselle aan die gang te hou. Jy kan ook ‘n goeie boek of die nuus lees. Ure voor die TV stimuleer ongelukkig nie regtig jou grysstof nie. Besonder goeie breinoefening sluit in die aanleer van ‘n nuwe taal of mu­siekinstrument.
* Jou brein het positiewe sosiale interaksie nodig. Dit is belangrik dat jy in verskillende situasies met verskillende mense kommunikeer. As jy vind dat daar nie genoeg mense in jou lewe is nie, sluit gerus aan by ΓÇÿn klas in iets waarin jy belangstel, of raak betrokke by vrywilligheidswerk.
* Stres is een van die grootste moordenaars van ons tyd. Maak seker dat jy genoeg tyd kry om te ontspan.
* Volgens navorsers moet jy sewe ure of meer slaap per nag kry. As jy sukkel om te slaap is dit belangrik om hulp te kry.
* As jy vermoed dat jou geestesgesondheid nie na wense is nie is dit belangrik om jou dokter te gaan sien, dit is lankal nie meer iets om oor skaam te wees nie. Baie probleme kan met ΓÇÿn leefstylverandering of medikasie reggestel word.
Bron:  Vaalweekblad

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Biking Beatrice’s Journey of Hope

VANDERBIJLPARK. – Biking Beatrice Brits from Vanderbijlpark canΓÇÖt wait to get on her Honda motorcycle to spread the word and create awareness of the importance of early detection of breast cancer.

Beatrice, a breast cancer survivor, is one of 15 riders who will be taking to the road on motorbikes in this yearΓÇÖs Journey of Hope Breast Cancer Awareness Ride to take place from October 9 – 15.

Beatrice was diagnosed with breast cancer on January 5 of 2007. Her left breast was mastectomised followed by four months of chemotherapy.

“The road to recovery has not been easy with many thorns along the way, but with the grace of God, IΓÇÖve been able to get through it,” says Beatrice.

“Self-examination and early detection is what saved my life,” she says, and adds: “Through the Journey of Hope 2011 ride, I hope to touch at least one personΓÇÖs life, giving the message to never give up and to realise that being diagnosed with breast cancer is not a death sentence.”

Beatrice lives by the motto: “Live life to the fullest every day and donΓÇÖt take anything for granted; I am so thankful for the second chance that God has given me.”

The Journey of Hope is a non-profit organisation that has been established to educate people about the importance of early detection and to dispel some of the myths around breast cancer.

Over the course of the seven days during October the group, including a gentleman who is currently recovering from breast cancer, will raise awareness and educate communities about breast cancer while they continue along a personal path of growth and healing by building a supportive community with other people throughout the country.

The team will be travelling through Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and the North West Provinces. But there are also several other outreach programmes taking place throughout the year across the country where the survivors will be interacting with the community about the importance of detecting breast cancer early. On September 3 Beatrice will host a “Denims and Diamonds with a dash of Pink” fundraising event in Vanderbijlpark.

Funds raised will be used towards creating awareness, and educating people about the importance of the early detection of breast cancer.

* For more information visit or call
082 8403633.
 Source:  Vaalweekblad

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‘n Mens glimlag omtrent ‘n halfmiljoen keer in jou lewe. Die gemiddelde mens glimlag omtrent 26 keer per dag, 9 490 keer in ‘n jaar en sowat 446 030 keer in jou volwasse lewe tussen 18 en 65 jaar. Diegene wat so gelukkig is om 100 jaar oud te word, sal ongeveer 778 000 keer in hul lewe glimlag. Maar nou vir die slegte nuus: ‘n oorsese tandepastevervaardiger, Biorepair, het onlangs navorsing laat doen en die resultaat wys dat ons glimlaggies helfte van die tyd vals is! Ons glimlag 47% van die kere uit pligsbesef, selfs wanneer ons gemoedstemming in werklikheid “af” is. Ons sit ook soms ‘n skynglimlag op wanneer ons ‘n ander persoon op sy gemak wil laat voel of wil beïndruk, selfs al voel ons glad nie daarna om te glimlag nie. Die navorsing het verder ook bevind dat sommige mense dit vermy om te glimlag omdat hulle selfbewus is oor hul skewe of lelike tande. Hoe ookal, ons kan gerus die kenners se raad in ag neem waar dit by lag kom: as ‘n mens lag of glimlag, selfs wanneer jy allermins daarvoor lus het, kierang jy jou brein, wat dan endorfiene (‘n opkikkerhormoon) laat vrystel sodat jy uiteindelik régtig vroliker voel.
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Mooivaal Media vereer met toekenning

VANDERBIJLPARK.- MooiVaal Media is verlede week deur die Rotaryklub Vanderbijlpark met die gesogte internasionale Paul Harris-toekenning vereer vir uitmuntende diens wat in die afgelope vyf jaar aan die gemeenskap gelewer is.
Buiten Vaalweekblad en Ster het nog vyf rolspelers in die omge­wing die prestige Paul Harris-toekenning ontvang. Die oorhandiging het saamgeval met die inhuldiging van prof. Pierre Lucouw as die Rotary-klub se president vir 2011/12.
Vaalweekblad en Ster is vereer vir dié publikasies se betrokkenheid as mediaborge by verskeie Rotary-projekte en publisiteit aan die tak se uitgebreide werksaamhede.
Toekennings is ook gedoen aan Stonehaven on Vaal (diens en ondersteuning aan Rotary-aktiwiteite), Petro Bester (langtermyndiens in die klub), Justus van der Merwe (uitmuntende diens in die jeugportefeulje), Mustek Limited (bystand en ondersteuning met Rotary-projekte) en Hugh Fraser (redakteur van Ingot, die klub se maandelikse nuusbrief).
Volgens mev. Elsa Venter, uittredende president, is die waarde wat die Rotary-organisasie in die gemeenskap toevoeg, van groot waarde. “Ons lede beywer hulle vir die gemeenskap se vooruitgang. Elkeen het die afgelope jaar sy deel gedoen en hard gewerk aan verskeie projekte.Van die hoogste erkennings gaan aan Rex Anderson en Derrick Page vir hulle aandeel in die aanbou van toilette by die Dinokeng-skool op die Marlbank-pad. Uitstekende diens is ook verrig deur Ricky Senekal van Vesco-gemeenskapsdienste. Ek bedank elkeen vir ‘n wonderlike jaar met baie hoogtepunte,” het sy gesê.
Die klub vergader Donderdae om 07:00 met ontbyt by die Koffie­plaas.
Bron:  Vaalweekblad

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Women get houses

SEBOKENG.- The launch of the Sedibeng District MunicipalityΓÇÖs (SDM) womenΓÇÖs month programme at New Village (Lengweleng) in Sebokeng recently saw 15 houses handed to women beneficiaries. This yearΓÇÖs commemorations arr held under the theme, ΓÇ£Working together to enhance womenΓÇÖs opportunities to economic empowermentΓÇ¥. A wide range of the SDM campaigns and programmes have been lined up to pay special attention to the needs of women in the area and priority has been given to promoting womenΓÇÖs access to economic opportunities. During the launch SDM executive mayor Simon Mofokeng and the Gauteng MEC for Local Government and Housing Humphrey Mmemezi handed over the 15 houses to women recipients, among them were two who were born in 1918 and 1924. ΓÇ£ It is interesting to note that this yearΓÇÖs programme will be paying tribute to our revolutionary mothers who may have since joined our ancestors and while others are still alive in the name of Maletanta, Malefiedi and not forgetting Theresa Ramashamole, a members of the Sharpeville six respectivelyΓÇ¥, says Mofokeng. The SDM recognizes that while women have made important gains, there is a lot more work to be done.
Source:  Vaal Weekly

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Beste kope vir eerste kopers

- Beste vir eerste kopers
Met rentekoerse laag maar krediet moeilik bekombaar verkies baie jong kopers nou om kleiner en goedkooper wooneiendom te koop sodat hulle later kan aanbou.
“Maar as jy graag ‘n stewige vastrapplek in die mark wil bekom, is dit dalk beter om ‘n woonstel of meenthuis in ‘n goeie buurt te koop en dan na ‘n groter eiendom te verhuis wanneer jy meer leefruimte nodig het,” sê Jan Davel, besturende direkteur van die RealNet-eiendoms­agentskapgroep.
Hy wys daarop dat sonering jou planne om ΓÇÿn kleiner eiendom te vergroot deur aan te bou of boontoe te bou in die wiele kan ry, veral in gebiede waar erwe gewoonlik klein is en huise waar aangebou is buureiendomme in die skadu kan stel of inbreuk op bure kan maak.
“En selfs in buurte waar sulke beperkings nie ‘n rol speel nie, moet eienaars besin oor hoe omvattende huis­verbeterings die herverkoopwaarde van die eiendom kan beïnvloed.
ΓÇ£As jy byvoorbeeld ΓÇÿn huis so verbou dat dit soos ΓÇÿn seer duim tussen omliggende eiendom uitstaan, loop jy die gevaar dat jy in die toekoms gaan sukkel om dit te verkoop.
ΓÇ£Met ander woorde, so ΓÇÿn eiendom mag gans te duur wees vir die meeste voornemende kopers in ΓÇÿn laer-koste buurt en ook nie meer gegoede huiskopers se aandag trek nie omdat hulle waarskynlik ΓÇÿn meer gegoede buurt sou verkies, al hou hulle van die huis en kan hulle dit bekostig. Die gevolg is dat jy of jou erfgename daarmee opgeskeep gaan sit.ΓÇ¥
Dit is waarom RealNet jong en onervare kopers aanraai om liewer ‘n woonstel of meenthuis in die beste buurt wat hulle kan bekostig en wat na aan hulle werkplekke geleë is, te koop en hulle huislenings so vinnig moontlik af te betaal sodat hulle ekwiteit sowel as groei in die waarde van hul eiendom kan bewerkstellig.
ΓÇ£Daar is talle voordele aan so ΓÇÿn plan verbonde. In die eerste plek sal jy waarskynlik meer huis vir jou geld kry en/of in ΓÇÿn beter buurt kan koop aangesien geen BTW of oordragkoste op ΓÇÿn tweedehandse woonstel of meenthuis wat minder as R600 000 kos betaalbaar is nie.
“In die tweede plek gaan jy baie tyd en geld spaar as jy naby jou werkplek woon en jy sal dié geld kan aanwend om jou verband vinniger af te betaal terwyl jy ook ‘n kleiner risiko loop om jou eiendom te verloor indien rentekoerse skerp styg – ‘n moontlikheid wat eerste kopers met ‘n streng begroting gewoonlik bekommer.
ΓÇ£En derdens, as jy in ΓÇÿn goed-bestuurde deeltitelkompleks koop waar alle eienaars hul heffings getrou betaal sal jy jou nie oor onderhoud hoef te bekommer nie ΓÇô en dit sal bydra om die waarde van jou eenheid te beskerm sodat dit later makliker gaan wees om dit teen ΓÇÿn goeie prys te verkoop wanneer jy die dag besluit dis tyd om self ΓÇÿn groter eiendom te koop.ΓÇ¥

Bron:  Vaalweekblad

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Start believing that you are creative

- Start believing you are creative
VANDERBIJLPARK. – Entrepreneurs need to search purposefully for sources of innovation, changes and their symptoms that indicate opportunities for successful innovation.
That was the message of a high level speaker at the SMME conference recently held at the Emerald Resort & Casino.
Paul started his career in retail and quickly rose to a senior management position, and has subsequently founded numerous companies. He is currently the Managing Director of Tax Radar Underwriters, a specialized tax insurance business. He is also the Chairman of Kairos Projects, which is a foundation focusing on youth leadership development, which he established 14 years ago.
Paul has consulted on four continents in 23 countries; he has worked with numerous organisations, both in the private and public sectors, and is a regular speaker at international conferences and seminars.
Paul has been involved with organisational strategic development, performance management, specialised recruitment and leadership development for the past 25 years.
According to Paul, innovation is the specific tool of entrepreneurs, the means by which they exploit change as an opportunity for a different business or a different service.
ΓÇ£Innovation can be presented as a discipline; it can be learned and it can be practiced,ΓÇ¥ he told conference-goers
“Innovation enhances a business’s performance; it increases a business’s competitive advantage and can transform a business’s         internal capabilities.
ΓÇ£Innovation is about new ideas but the key to success is to take these ideas and put them into action,ΓÇ¥ was his advice to young entrepreneurs.
There are, however, a few ΓÇ£donΓÇÖtsΓÇ¥ regarding innovation that entrepreneurs should keep in mind, he warned.
ΓÇ£DonΓÇÖt become an ideas junkie. DonΓÇÖt confuse ideas with hard work. DonΓÇÖt forget to bounce your ideas off others. DonΓÇÖt be afraid to think creatively. DonΓÇÖt become critical of others and donΓÇÖt forget to be grateful for your great ideas.ΓÇ¥
But how can a person become innovative, especially if one did not have the opportunity to grow up in a family or school environment where innovation and creativity were stimulated?
- Paul gave the following tips:
“Learn the art of ‘right’ thinking. Start belie­ving that you are creative. Read books that will stimulate your mind and stop watching junk on TV. Find a mentor and spend time with people who are innovative and successful. Speak sense and look for opportunities,” was his straight-forward advice.
* The SMME conference for upcoming entrepreneurs was organised by the Emerald Foundation and Lusa Community Chest, together with other roleplayers such as Vaalweekblad and Ster, the printmedia sponsors.
Source:  Vaalweekblad

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